Procurement Automation in SAP

Procurement Automation in SAP

Digitalize, streamline, and automate your procurement processes with xSuite Procurement. Improve your workflows both internally and with your suppliers.
Your benefits at a glance:

Increase Resilience

Digitalization increases flexibility and enables your business to respond more easily to uncertain supply chains.

Achieve KPIs

Reduce Maverick Buying, throughput times and internal costs with intelligent automation software.

Improve Vendor Relations

Respond more quickly to incoming supplier inquiries and gain full transparency of all steps along your procurement process.

Functions Enabling Your Success

Supplier Portal

End-to-end digital document exchange with your suppliers is within reach with xSuite’s Business Partner Portal. You’re sending a purchase order comfortably from your SAP system, and your supplier receives it immediately in the portal. From there, all steps and all communication can take place fully digitally within the portal. With a PO flip, the vendor can generate the follow-up documents, like an order confirmation, a shipping note or even the invoice based on your PO. All information is returned conveniently back to your SAP system to boost automation. In addition, the solution offers dynamic discounting options and simplifies vendor onboarding.

Catalog Integration

With xSuite Procurement, the requisitioning process becomes easy and user-friendly. You can use free-text forms, upload your own catalogs or embed external catalogs via OCI for an even improved shopping experience. This boosts acceptance of the digital workflow and will thereby reduce maverick buying. Everything takes place digitally – and thus faster as well as better traceably.

Intelligent Document Capture

You send purchase orders to your suppliers – and they are going to respond with various documents in different formats. xSuite Procurement comes with intelligent document capture to accelerate your processes. Entering data from an order confirmation or a delivery note manually into your SAP system becomes superfluous. And checking them against the PO takes place automatically. That’s the ideal base for a 3-way-match and touchless posting of your invoices in the future.

Digital Workflows

The key to speeding up your procurement processes is digital workflows. xSuite’s workflows are flexible and adaptable to match exactly your company’s setup and structure. They simplify requisitioning and enable you to react quickly when needed when it comes to deviations in an order confirmation or a delivery note. And in the end, every process step is logged traceably for full compliance.

SAP-integrated and -certified

xSuite Procurement is not only seamlessly integrated into SAP, but also certified for various SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA systems and deployment models, incl. RISE with SAP. The Business Partner Portal can also be used via the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Customer Success with xSuite Procurement

Bell Food Group

The vendor made a very good impression with its presentation. xSuite offers an end-to-end portfolio that can run on S/4HANA and enables us to roll out internationally. Read success story


xSuite has truly transformed our AP department. Processes that would take up to several weeks in the past are now completed with just one click. We’re able to manage our cash a lot more efficiently because we can now identify bottlenecks quickly and take action right away. Read success story


With renewed core processes based on xSuite solutions, we achieve better operational performance in a digital and connected economy. Read success story

Knowledge & Resources for Procurement Automation

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Supply Chain Uncertainty

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  • Workflows
  • Testsystem
  • Capture (Private Cloud or On-Premises)
  • Delivery Notes
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FAQs about Procurement Automation in SAP with xSuite

What does "PO flip" mean?

PO flip is a feature of our Business Partner Portal. It means via the portal you’re providing a purchase order to your supplier. And within the portal the supplier can flip it into the following documents on his own, e.g., an order confirmation, or an invoice, and automatically return it to you. Everything is automatically sent back to your SAP system and available immediately.

Which incoming document formats supports your solution?

With xSuite Procurement Premium, you can capture and process incoming order confirmations and delivery notes. The solution processes paper-based documents, as well as various digital formats, like e-mail and PDF. The software supports as well machine-readable formats, but these are still rarely used for these kinds of documents.

How and when does the approval take place in the ordering process?

Our software offers different options. The approval can take place based on the xSuite application, or the SAP purchase requisition, or the actual SAP purchase order. Combinations or several approval steps are possible as well, depending on your company setup and compliance requirements.

Do I need to have SAP Fiori to use your Procurement solution?

No. Any user can take part in the workflow process either via SAP Fiori or via the SAP GUI. Administrative tasks are available in both worlds, too. So, it depends on your GUI strategy, whether you want to offer SAP GUI or SAP Fiori or both. Several functions are even available in xSuite’s web client (e.g., approval of an application).

We already use a procurement platform – what additional benefit does your solution offer us?

With our workflow solutions, you can further increase the level of automation in P2P, even in addition to a procurement platform. There are various reasons why never 100% of all procurement transactions will be carried out via a procurement platform (e.g., C-suppliers, maverick buying). It is precisely for these scenarios where digital workflows add standardization and simplification. Learn more in the white paper “Procurement Platform plus Workflow“.

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