xSuite Invoice on the SAP BTP

Reach new heights in AP Automation with a Clean Core for S/4HANA

xSuite Invoice on the SAP BTP

Reach new heights in AP Automation with a Clean Core for S/4HANA

Keep your core clean with xSuite's flexible invoice workflows on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Suitable for all SAP S/4HANA models, including S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition.

Clean Core: The future of your SAP system

Innovation speed and flexibility are now more important than ever for your business processes. Get the most out of S/4HANA with a clean core strategy plus digital workflows on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Process invoices with digital workflows

Wide-reaching automation, greater speed and full transparency across business processes are standard with xSuite. The digital workflows and user-friendly SAP Fiori apps provide ideal support for purchasing and accounting departments.

Innovation meets focus and experience

xSuite Invoice on SAP BTP is a newly developed, fully cloud-based solution. xSuite has extensive knowledge regarding SAP and over 1,000 successful projects with our SAP-integrated invoice workflow have been incorporated into its development.

Features and functions

xSuite Invoice on SAP BTP processes incoming invoices in any format such as e-mail, PDF, XML, paper. Invoices with and without order reference are supported (SAP FI, SAP MM). A practical validation screen with highlighting of found values simplifies processing. Digital workflows for validation, approval and release ensure that all invoice processing steps are simple, fast and efficient. Find out more about the range of functions in the product flyer.

Architecture and compatibility

  • The solution is running on SAP BTP.
  • A connection to SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud (Private Edition, Public Edition) is possible.
  • The capture and e-invoice components are available either as a public or private cloud.
  • The connection is made via APIs; no installation within the SAP system is required.
  • xSuite Invoice on SAP BTP has passed the SAP Application Readiness Check and is available in the SAP Store.

Things to know about the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

What is the SAP BTP?

SAP BTP is SAP's strategic platform for the development and provision of applications in the cloud. It offers a wide range of functions and services that enable companies to create and scale new applications quickly and easily. It is the preferred way to connect add-on solutions to SAP S/4HANA.

What advantages does SAP BTP offer?

As a cloud-based platform, SAP BTP offers flexibility, innovation and cost efficiency. It also enables the implementation of a clean-core strategy, as communication takes place exclusively via APIs and no implementation within the S/4HANA system is required. This also makes it the ideal link to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.

What other SAP BTP solutions does xSuite offer?

Our invoice workflow is the second product that we provide on the SAP Business Technology Platform. We also have a supplier portal, our Business Partner Portal, on the SAP BTP. The development of further solutions in the P2P environment on the BTP is planned.

What does clean core stand for?

The "clean core" approach in SAP systems means keeping the core SAP codebase unmodified. Custom programming and extensions are not installed directly in the SAP system itself. The goal is to simplify future upgrades, especially the transition to S/4HANA. SAP's Business Technology Platform enables connecting custom enhancements externally without modifying the SAP core. This helps maintain a clean core SAP system.

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xSuite Invoice on the SAP BTP

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