Stuck with Your File Cabinet, Missing Your Search Engine?

Or do you even have to navigate the basement archives and copy machines to bring material to your desk? If not, it might be a legacy archive that you search parallel to another task only to have the system crash? Are you facing stricter data protection regulations dispersed locations, and a large number of users who need secure, consistent access to documents? In response to these conditions, xSuite has developed its Archive, a cloud solution that boasts high speed, a comprehensive range of functions, user-friendly operation and top performance.

Fast, Universal, Safe

The cloud archive of xSuite is based on modular microservice architecture and uses high-performance, scalable technologies such as mongoDB and Elasticsearch. Here's what's included: Maximum speed for the storage and retrieval of documents. Full compliance through a detailed user and authorization concept. Your data is fed securely into a centralized pool, protected from alteration and instantly available thanks to the broad range of search functions.

Integrated and Easy to Use

The web client displays hits with preview and highlighting. As a service from the cloud, xSuite Archive can be used from any end device and from anywhere. And thanks to APIs, it can be connected to any on-premises system for hybrid scenarios. It is also an ideal complement to the xSuite workflow solutions.

Further Information for Download:

Product information xSuite Archive
More product related information: xSuite Archive and GDPR
IVM Recommends xSuite Archive
White Paper Hybrid Scenarios with the xSuite Cloud
White Paper Selecting and Migrating a New Archive

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xSuite Archive

High-speed archiving in the cloud

  • Powerful:
    Highest performance with latest web technologies
  • Flexible:
    Dedicated document storage for SAP, or central repository for all company documents
  • Seamless:
    Connection to existing processes and systems
Starting at €190/month
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Additional functions
Additional functions
  • Ready for SAP ArchiveLink
  • Full-text search with auto-complete and attributive search
  • Schema-free hit lists
  • Rendering in the web client, preview from the hit list
  • Highlighting of the search term in the document and in the preview
  • One-click filter by categories
  • Logical links between documents via relations
  • Comprehensive set of features for definition of roles and authorization
  • Versioning of archived documents
  • Legal hold for revision-proofing of legally relevant documents
  • Mapping of retention periods
  • Connection of directory services via OAuth, OpenID Connect, or SAML

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