We provide you with the solution to level up efficiency in archiving – for SAP and beyond. So you can focus on what’s really important! Your benefits at a glance:

Compliance xSuite Archive

100% Compliance

xSuite Archive comes with all functionalities needed to enable fully compliant storage of business-critical documents.

User-friendliness of the xSuite invoice archive

Fast, Easy & User-Friendly

Because when it comes to archiving your documents, it’s not only about filing – but about quickly retrieving them, too.

Efficiency of the xSuite invoice archive

Efficiency and Insights

Data is the new gold. But only if it is well organized. xSuite Archive provides well-structured data storage and enables you to easily gain relevant insights.

Functions Enabling Your Success


Compliance requirements are manifold and on the rise. xSuite Archive offers various functions to align archiving with your internal and external compliance needs. This includes a sophisticated rights and rules concept, a detailed protocol function, versioning of documents, legal hold, and many more. Click here for a more detailed overview.

Usability and Business Logic

Archiving is about finding documents, too. Therefore, our archiving software offers various functions to make retrieval of documents as easy and user-friendly as possible. This includes Google-like search functionalities, such as their "Did you mean" feature, a document preview, clientless rendering, and highlighting of found values. In addition, you can establish a logical connection between related documents, e.g., the reference number linking PO, delivery bill, and invoice.

Scalable Architecture

With advancing digitization of documents and processes, the volume of documents and data to be stored has increased exponentially. Therefore, an archiving solution has to be flexible and scalable. Utilizing a cloud native approach including the latest open source and cloud technologies, like mongoDB, Elasticsearch, and a containerized setup, adds up to the archiving providing the speed and scalability you need.

SAP and beyond

xSuite Archive is the ideal complement for your SAP archiving needs. The software can be accessed seamlessly from within the SAP GUI or SAP Fiori or the xSuite web client. The data and document transfer takes place via a certified SAP ArchiveLink interface resp. for cloud setups via CMIS. In addition, the software is certified for SAP ILM via WebDAV. See all SAP certifications here:

Customer Success with xSuite Archive

Bell Food Group

The vendor made a very good impression with its presentation. xSuite offers an end-to-end portfolio that can run on S/4HANA and enables us to roll out internationally. Read success story

Ober Scharrer Group

With the xSuite invoice workflow, the company not only digitalized its invoice processing, but put it through a comprehensive overhaul as well.  Read success story


We are very satisfied with the support and project implementation by the xSuite Group. The consultants are dedicated and respond quickly and with competence to our inquiries. Read success story

Knowledge & Resources for Archiving

Product information xSuite Archive

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Selecting and Migrating a New Archive

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Archiving with SAP ILM

Read blog article

Data Archiving for SAP Solutions

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All resources for Archiving

FAQs about Archiving with xSuite Archive

How long do I have to archive an invoice?

In Denmark and Singapore, for example, it is 5 years, in the Netherlands 7-9 years, in Spain 6-10 years and in Germany and France the mandatory storage period is 10 years. In the US, there is no universal retention period - but it is generally recommended to keep invoices for at least seven years.

Can I use single sign-on for xSuite Archive?

Yes, it is possible to use an Identity Provider to log in to the archive solution of xSuite via single sign-on as well.

What is the difference between locking a document in the archive or deleting the document?

xSuite Archive offers different possibilities to restrict the access to documents. Therefore, there is a differentiated rules and authorizations concept. On the one hand, the software offers the "Legal Hold" function. This locks documents so they cannot be modified or deleted, but access is still possible. The "Delete" option, on the other hand, permanently removes the document from the archive. For this reason, authorization for deletion should only be granted very selectively.

What deployment models do you offer for the archive?

Our archiving software is available in different service and deployment forms. This includes public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises. The public cloud option is a typical SaaS offering, the private cloud and on-premises options can be complemented with managed services.

Does the software support GDPR-compliant SAP archiving according to SAP ILM?

Yes, the software supports archiving with SAP ILM and is certified for SAP ILM via WebDAV. You can find more information on this subject in the following blog article:

Can only invoices be archived with the xSuite solution?

No, in principle you can archive all types of documents and files.
In addition to invoice archiving, many customers also use xSuite Archive for related contracts, order documents or delivery notes.

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