Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

At xSuite, our mission is to digitize your P2P processes—saving you from manual, paper-based tasks. So, it should come as no surprise that social and environmental responsibility is an essential part of our corporate culture, with “Live Responsibly” being one of our core company values.

We’re pleased that the use of our solutions has proven to result in a significant savings in paper for our customers, effectively reducing the use of natural resources such as wood, water, and energy. We don’t want to stop there, however—we want to have even more of a positive impact on society and the environment.

Our commitment to saving paper by digitizing P2P processes has inspired us to make a fundamental contribution to forest protection and reforestation, paying particular attention to supporting "targeted reforestation" that is optimally geared to local living and environmental conditions.

"Trees for the Future" ( is an international non-profit organization with a mission of ending poverty and hunger through a hands-on, educational program focused on regenerative agriculture. Local farmers in developing countries are invited to participate in a four-year program, also known as “The Forest Garden Program.” This approach involves planting thousands of trees that protect and bring rich nutrients back into the soil, allowing these farmers to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables for consumption and sale year after year. Each "forest garden" not only sequesters carbon and increases biodiversity, but also fights hunger and poverty in struggling communities. Currently, this program is operating and seeing profound results in the countries of Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania.

To show our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility through action, xSuite launched a long-term partnership with "Trees for the Future" in January 2022, committing to donate one tree for every 20 documents processed in xSuite Cloud. Much like the feeling we get when we digitally transform an organization’s manual, paper-based P2P processes, we are thrilled to be a part of this transformative initiative that will improve the health of our planet, be instrumental in the fight against hunger and poverty, and increase our social and environmental responsibility.

When you make the decision to digitally transform your P2P processes through automation, you become part of this partnership that is helping to transform the lives of those most in need. So what are you waiting for? Contact xSuite today.

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