Procurement in SAP

Procurement in SAP

Have Forms and Footwork Taken the Upper Hand?

Even with recurring orders for C-parts and indirect requirements, the effort for processing in SAP is often high. xSuite Procurement is the solution: Purchase requisitions, approval and release are carried out digitally and with automated workflow support. Incoming order acknowledgements and delivery bills are captured and processed automatically. Document exchange with your suppliers can even be leveled up and take place 100% digitally. This way you are removing a significant amount of manual work caused by repetitive tasks from procurement processes.

Flexible, Comfortable User Experience

With Procurement, everything is fully digital, right from the beginning. You can use shop systems just like you use your own catalogs, and submit needs in free text. A range of options in access and function is provided – you can work in xSuite Procurement in the SAP GUI, in SAP Fiori Apps, or in xSuite's own web client. As a purchasing employee, you might prefer to work in the SAP GUI, while a cost center manager, to approve POs on the road, may use the app on his or her smartphone or tablet.

SAP Standard – But Adapted to Your Processes

The solution is SAP-integrated and -certified. It extends functionality beyond the conventional range associated with the SAP standard. xSuite provides flexibility in the design of the workflow steps for precision in mapping processes in your organization.

Transparency in End-to-End P2P Processes

The integrated Procurement Overview displays all processes at the push of a button. View the current status of requests and purchase orders, their work steps, and which agents are handling them. Check your top vendors. And track the history of it all via the audit-proof workflow log.

Order Confirmation

Never-Ending Data Entry?

It is your responsibility to check all purchase order acknowledgements that come in – a meticulous procedure comparing quantities, dates, prices, and locations, in which nine out of ten of the documents are correct. It is because of the one that isn't that you spend hours checking order confirmations – because when that one discrepancy shows up, you will need to take immediate action. xSuite Procurement takes care of the nine documents that are correct by largely automating many aspects of order confirmation. And for the tenth, you'll be notified with a red light.

Automatic Extraction and Clear Display

After receipt, order confirmations go through an automatic extraction process. The data and an image preview can be viewed directly in the SAP system. Manually entering the data, a typical source of error, is no longer necessary. The entire entry process is dramatically accelerated. Deviations are highlighted in color and stand out clearly.

Accelerated Decision-Making with Workflows

If discrepancies come to light, you need to react quickly. Is the discrepancy acceptable? Should the order be changed or cancelled? These processes of inquiry, change and release can be effectively implemented with the help of workflows, and logging keeps transparency in the process.

Delivery Notes

How Far Away Is Touchless?

You have a perfect touchless process set up, but yet invoices keep on popping up for employees in Accounts Payable to handle manually. Why? Because goods receipt hasn’t been posted. The workflow can’t be initiated without it, so the agent has to figure out what’s happening. Has the order been received at all? Does it just need to be posted? The agent makes a phone call or writes an e-mail inquiring whether the goods have arrived; if so, he requests that the goods receipt be posted. Until that happens, your sophisticated touchless process is stalled, and the invoice must wait. That’s where xSuite Procurement comes in as well.

Easy posting of goods receipt

Getting delivery bills processed quickly for goods receipt is key to optimizing your supply chain management – and it's just what xSuite Procurement supports you in. xSuite's solution provides seamless monitoring and controlling of delivery bills processing to significantly improve your procurement process.

Simple and flexible anywhere

When goods arrive, so does a delivery bill; sometimes transmitted digitally, but often in paper. It can be processed directly at the Goods Receiving department or at a central location, depending on how your company works. Our solution for processing delivery notes is easy to operate and flexible enough to fill all kinds of requirements. It can be adapted to different scenarios and accommodates a wide variety of input channels and formats, from paper to machine-readable.

Automate steps from receiving to posting

Delivery Notes significantly simplifies the steps involved in processing incoming delivery bills. What this means is:

  1. Instead of manually entering data from the delivery note document into your SAP system, OCR is performed, and the information is automatically transferred to the appropriate SAP fields.
  2. You validate the data in a clearly arranged dashboard, which displays the document image with all highlighted values. This brings the effort for the check down to a single click.
  3. Matches for order items are proposed automatically and just need to be confirmed.
  4. When confirmed, the goods receipt is automatically posted in SAP.
  5. The delivery bill is automatically attached to the material document, via SAP ArchiveLink.

Business Partner Portal

Is a Paperless Ecosystem Still a Dream?

Has your company achieved a high level of digital transformation, but you still have to print everything out for your suppliers? Now you can check this off your list too. This is how it works: You create a purchase order as usual in your SAP system. You don't need to send it out – it just appears in your supplier's Business Partner Portal account. The supplier can create all subsequent documents in the portal as needed, and transfer them to you from there: Order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, credit notes. The documents and data that your supplier has made available in the Business Partner Portal are also automatically fed into your SAP system, providing you with intrinsic automation of what was once general discontinuity. Now, when your employees enter the SAP system to perform their regular tasks, the updated information and documents from the supplier are ready and waiting.

Standardized Communication Simplifies Supplier Transactions

Improve supplier relationships with intelligently connected business processes and digitalized communication. You can publish announcements to all suppliers in the Business Partner Portal and streamline individual communication. With information and documents automatically taking their place in the location where they are meant to reside, the process is fully integrated and provides a new level of transparency.

Dynamic Discounting for Targeted Use of Liquidity

In the Business Partner Portal, you can offer your suppliers early payment in exchange for a discount. A supplier can also take the initiative and offer a discount via the portal. The portal offers options in defining the payment terms and the actual discount and assigning deadlines to a scaled range of rates.

Packages Essentials Premium
Supported Systems and Modules
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud (extended & private Edition)
  • SAP module: MM
  • Interfaces (incl. ArchiveLink)
  • Workflows
  • Testsystem
  • Capture (Private Cloud or On-Premises)
  • Delivery Notes
  • Order Confirmation
Chargeable Add-ons
  • Business Partner Portal
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