Archiving for ERP Systems

Archiving for ERP Systems

Is it time to replace your legacy system?

Growing data volumes and changed legal requirements bring many archiving systems to their limits. With xSuite Archive Prism, scalability, performance and a transparent licensing model are all part of the package.

Ideal as an SAP Archive

The archive of xSuite Prism is ideally suited as a document archive for your SAP system. The solution has SAP ArchiveLink and SAP ILM interfaces, enabling seamlessness and, above all, security in work with documents, directly from your SAP system.

The High-Speed Archive for All ERP Systems

Our archive solution is designed to file and store all documents at your company. To ensure constant performance even with a significant volume of data and number of users, we rely on scalable architecture, as well as NoSQL databases which provide remarkable speed. This way, users can streamline their tasks and work with greater focus.

User-Friendly – for Users & Admin

xSuite Archive Prism can be accessed in an intuitive web client, where administration can also be performed. So for users and administrators, the solution offers a user experience that fits the purpose – natively in SAP, or ERP-independent.

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xSuite Archive Helix

The audit-proof corporate archive

  • Powerful:
    Highest performance with latest web technologies
  • Flexible:
    Pure SAP document archive or central repository with access to all documents across the company
  • Seamless:
    Connection to existing processes and systems
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Additional functions
Additional functions
  • SAP ArchiveLink-capable
  • Full-text search with auto-complete and attributive search
  • Schema-free hit lists
  • Rendering in the web client, preview from the hit list
  • Highlighting of the search term in the document and in the preview
  • One-click filter by categories
  • Logical linking of documents with magic fields
  • Role and authorization concept
  • Versioning of archived documents
  • Legal hold for locking before changes in legally relevant documents
  • Mapping of retention periods
  • Multi-LDAP integration or native user management
  • Multi-client capable
  • Extension modules such as Microsoft Business Central, Otris Documents

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