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A top objective for innovative companies: The paper-free office for intelligent, state-of-the-art business processes.

xSuite® - It's simple. It's digital.
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Just what SAP users need—intuitive handling, straightforward support, all-round comfort, and top performance.

xSuite® – SAP-certified processes for your business.
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Scan your document...
...use it and collaborate with co-workers...

xSuite® – Services in the cloud. Couldn’t be more flexible.

Fast, secure, straightforward—economize and use our perfect hybrid scenarios.
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Scan it. Use it.

Digital transformation - transform your documents into information.
Provider of solutions since 1994

About us

  • Founded in 1994
  • Provider of integrated ECM solutions and optimized workflows for business processes
  • 200 competent, highly motivated employees
  • More than 1,200 installations currently supported
  • Headquarters in Germany, offices across the glob
Cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises

What we offer

  • Digital document workflows
  • Cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises
  • Intelligent folder solutions
  • Solutions for all your operational processes
  • Components from a single source
  • Consultation, installation, and integration
document processes

It’s Simple. It’s Digital.

  • Invoice entry – flexible input scenarios:
    Scanning, web scan, MS Office, email, PDF, ZUGFeRD
  • Processing – document processes:
    Digital mailroom, data extraction, and workflows for invoices, purchase orders, and sales orders
  • Managing and storing – folder management:
    Customer, procurement, vendor, and personnel files; archive
  • Organizing – a modern workplace:
    Dashboard, reporting, and many other attractive features
  • Interactivity – integration with:
    SAP, MS Exchange, Web services, and more