Strategic roadmap

Planning for the continued development of xSuite products

Strategic roadmap

Planning for the continued development of xSuite products

On-Premises | SAP only

With the SAP integrated xSuite Cube we consistently follow our S/4HANA strategy. Intelligently supporting processes and integration of the cloud form its basis. The goal is simplifying work steps in hybrid Procure-to-Pay processes.

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Cloud | SAP only

Digital Procure-to-Pay processes on the SAP Business Technology Platform are at the core of xSuite Sphere. We strive to optimally support cloud scenarios with SAP to enable your way into a digital ecosystem.

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On-Premises | any ERP

xSuite Prism stands for cross-system integration. A seamless connection to the cloud is the first step on the way to a wholistic information management in Procure-to-Pay processes.

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Cloud | any ERP

The cloud solutions of the xSuite Helix are easy and intuitive supplements for your business processes. The starting point is the document, the goal are re-imagined Procure-to-Pay processes.

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xSuite Cube

Sprint - 2021

Flexible and future-proof with S/4HANA and Fiori.

We will pursue the consistent continuation of the S/4HANA strategy. The exploitation of new technologies and potentials will first be made available in S/4HANA. We are continuing to expand and enhance our portfolio of SAP Fiori Apps to provide the best user experience possible.

We bring more intelligence to your processes.

We are focussing on using artificial intelligence for simplification and automation. The completion of document information and intelligent process support are top priorities. The use of artificial intelligence is meant to simplify the daily work of employees in their respective departments.

Take advantage of both worlds.

In the future we want to be able to offer you the advantages of the cloud and the on-premises world in combined form. Through deeper integration of our cloud products into the SAP system, you will benefit from innovation and performance. The xSuite products can be used in hybrid form. Options that are available might include the use of a cloud archive or cloud capture scenarios. The infrastructure on the customer side will be simplified, with your own comfort being maintained.

Run - 2022/2023

Simplification of your work processes.

In the future, we will continue to simplify your work processes and increase quality. The user is at the fore in our development, which is why are further optimizing usability. The optimization is to lead to improved Performance and faster lead times.

Marathon - starting 2024

Into the future with hybrid Procure-to-Pay processes.

In the future, we will continue to expand the procure-to-pay processes and develop more solutions to further optimize your processes. The focus will be on the use of other hybrid scenarios. We are working towards dissolving data silos and creating intelligent information networks instead. The goal is to simplify document-based collaboration in its entirety.

xSuite Sphere

Sprint - 2021

Procure-to-pay processes simply and digitally in the cloud.

The Business Partner Portal is designed to offer you even more advantages to unify your communication with your suppliers to an even greater degree. That's why we will be focussing on the further development of the Business Partner Portal.

Simplify SAP Cloud scenarios.

We will enable invoice validation on the SAP Business Technology Platform in order to serve the SAP S/4HANA Cloud edition in the future. With this, we can offer you the flexibility of the cloud, combined with seamless SAP integration.

Run - 2022/2023

Extend SAP Cloud scenarios.

We will offer our own workflows on the SAP Business Technology Platform to extend the functional scope of different S/4HANA operating models.

Marathon - starting 2024

On the pulse of development: Cloud for ERP and the digital core.

SAP's strategic focus is on solutions in the cloud. New, innovative technologies are presently spreading at a rapid rate, and intelligent solutions are transforming everyday work life. We are part of SAP's digital ecosystem and will continue to provide you with support planned long-term in all aspects of ERP and the digital core. Our goal is the continuous simplification of your business processes and daily tasks.

xSuite Prism

Sprint - 2021

You can rely on full integration for all your processes.

Our Helix is growing. Therefore, we will constantly work on using the innovations of our cloud environment in hybrid scenarios. Through the integration of all services from our cloud into our on-premises components, you get the best of both worlds without changing existing processes.

Unifying business processes is a challenge we are familiar with in various system landscapes. In order to be able to offer you this added value, we will use intelligent and modern interface technologies to link our archive with your target systems.

Information is our greatest asset. In the medium term, we will once again provide our products with guarantees from suitable auditors.

Run - 2022/2023

Cross-System Information

Even in a fully digitalized world, not all information important for your business processes is usable. Therefore, we will give you a report on your unstructured data, analizing, classifying and categorizing it for intelligent use.

You profit from our many years of Know-how in the P2P area. Structured data makes it possible of us to link selected data intelligently and to provide you with cross-system information.

Marathon - starting 2024

Information right where you need it – with smart analysis and targeted presentation.

Information determines our daily actions and influences all business decisions. In order to support you in this respect, we will be focussing on all-round information management.

Good Decisions require full coverage Information. The Data collected in your business processes is evaluated by means of intelligent algorithms across data sets. The resulting information is provided on a cross-system basis and thus is an ideal basis for solid decision-making.

xSuite Helix

Sprint - 2021

Simple, intuitive components that complement your business processes.

In the short term, we are focussing on components that complement and enrich your business processes. Therefore, we are concentrating on the continued development and optimization of our xSuite products Capture, Mailroom, and Archive.

Run - 2022/2023

We digitalize your documents.

Our main focus is automating the receipt of documents in a centralized manner, in order to provide you with the necessary transparency in your processes and information. Our aim is to make the integration into your existing systems and structures simple and flexible. We intend to offer ready-made integrations and interfaces just for this use.

Our expertise for your invoice receipt, re-imagined.

Optimizing invoice processing and enhancing usability will be one of our challenges. We are automating this process and providing you with information in a targeted manner.

Marathon - starting 2024

P2P processes in a new format.

Processes, information and documents from purchasing to payment are our long-term focus. We will be standardizing and simplifying the administrative activities around these processes. When it comes to information and documents in business life, it's all about cooperation between different people and employees with different backgrounds, from different places and cultures. We intend to simplify the challenges that this cooperation involves and add value to your everyday work.


The nature of this document is purely informative and contains future-oriented statements that may deviate from the actual implementation or personal expectation. We reserve the right to change or update certain contents of the roadmap at any time without prior notice. This also relates to strategic planning, future development, and/or platforms and functions. The contents of this document do not constitute a legally binding commitment as to the provision of program code or functions.

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