Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation

Never Change a Running System?

Really? Are you and your associates aware of how much quicker a process can go, how much less typing and footwork is actually necessary, and how much more time can be freed up for core tasks? Digital workflows simplify and accelerate invoice approval, with added transparency at all levels.

One Solution for Everything

xSuite Invoice is a powerful tool for bringing all forms and formats of invoice documents through to release. The invoice processing workflow is easily customized to meet company requirements. The package supports physical and digital invoices (including e-invoices), with and without SAP PO reference (MM/FI), and invoices can be released item by item.

100% Digital, End-to-End

xSuite Invoice provides you with all the components you need for a streamlined invoice-processing workflow. Enjoy a state-of-the-art, AI-fueled document extraction tool, high recognition capabilities and easily changeable rulesets. Automatically transform relevant data into usable vectors, automating the vast bulk of the verification task and routing information to your ERP system. Approval and release workflows are triggered automatically for parked and posted documents. Document images are stored in SAP ArchiveLink, which ensures compliance and security.

Superior Usability for All Associates

xSuite Invoice serves accountants, approvers, and releasers across systems, departments and geological locations into a streamlined process, in SAP and on the web. Whether you are from purchasing, accounting, or another department, you have easy access to the workflow. If you are a cost center manager, you can click into the transaction and approve it on your smartphone in the SAP Fiori app. Accountants can process the transaction in the SAP user interface. A full range of functions is enhanced with detailed reporting and analytics.

If your business is growing, let xSuite Invoice help you scale. Drive profits from detailed analytics to provide clarity and insight for company management. Exhaust a full range of functions and direct access to transactions in the SAP GUI to enhance employee satisfaction in accounting. Track vital KPIs on the xSuite Invoice dashboard and respond quickly to changing conditions. Rest in the assurance that your data is safely stored, and compliance and security are provided from the start. The scenario is an integrated digital workflow that reliably streamlines the invoice verification process, allowing operations to contribute to company profitability and even provide strategic insight through analytics and reports.

Deployment Models, Supported Systems, and Certifications

xSuite’s Invoice solution is tailored for Accounts Payable Automation within SAP. The SAP-integrated software components have passed the latest certifications for SAP Netweaver, SAP S/4HANA, as well as SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Deployed on the SAP Business Technology Platform, the solution is as well the perfect fit for companies using SAP S/4HANA Cloud. In addition, we are offering a web client to seamlessly integrate ERP systems of other vendors as well to support all of your APIA requirements – regardless of the ERP system in use. The software components can be used in the cloud, in a hybrid scenario, or on-premises.

Advancement Through Artificial Intelligence

AI technologies (machine learning, deep learning) can take business processes to a whole new level, complementing rule-based approaches to increase automation and offer users more support in their daily work. Examples of invoice processing steps that use AI include account assignment proposals, vendor and company code recognition, and agent determination (for approval and completion).  Where invoice processing still requires document capture, AI-supported, self-learning software can be integrated. Artificial intelligence moreover offers extensive evaluative and predictive scope. xSuite’s Prediction Server enables users to create deep learning-based predictions, for example about the number of invoices expected during a certain period, and about average and total invoice amounts, including the corresponding graphics.


Packages Essentials Premium
Supported Systems and Modules
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud (extended & private Edition)
  • SAP Modules: FI, MM, PSCD, PSM
  • Other ERP systems
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Capture Public Cloud
  • Capture on-premises
  • Capture Private Cloud
  • Interfaces (incl. ArchiveLink)
  • Workflows
  • Testsystem
  • Recurring Documents
  • Process Analyzer
  • Prediction Server
Chargeable Add-ons
  • E-Invoice
  • Business Partner Portal
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xSuite Invoice

SAP-integrated invoice processing

  • Flexible workflows:
    Approval and release, adapted to your processes
  • Ideal for SAP:
    Current certification, deep integration
  • One solution for all kinds of invoices:
    Paper, e-mail, PDF, XML, portal-based – for both MM and FI
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Additional functions
Additional functions
  • Intelligent account-assignment proposals based on machine learning
  • Automatic check based on three-way match, background posting option
  • Use of Process Analyzer to measure compliance with KPIs
  • Access from SAP GUI, SAP Fiori, or xSuite web client
  • Clear display of document image for invoice data in SAP
  • Easy handling of recurring entries
  • Multiple levels for checking and release processes, including dual check
  • Role-based release table
  • Release by line item
  • Tolerance customizing for MM documents
  • Invoice Overview for single source of truth and general access
  • Process overview in cockpit
  • Integrated supplier communication tools, including e-mail templates
  • Audit-proof workflow log

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