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Whether in the SAP environment or in other ERP environments

xSuite Cube

The xSuite Cube family includes our SAP integrated solutions. These are usually operated on-premises and run under SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.

xSuite Procurement Cube >>
xSuite Procurement File Cube >>
xSuite Orders Cube >>
xSuite Order Confirmation Cube >>
xSuite Invoice Cube >>

xSuite Sphere

Under the name xSuite Sphere we offer SaaS solutions for SAP user companies, hosted on the SAP Business Technology Platform (formerly SAP Cloud Platform), operated by us for you.

xSuite Business Partner Portal Sphere >>

xSuite Prism

xSuite Prism products are solutions and components that can be used in conjunction with any ERP system or run completely independently of your ERP system. These products are primarily installed and operated locally.

xSuite Invoice Prism >>
xSuite Archive Prism >>

xSuite Helix

xSuite Helix are the cloud solutions we offer as SaaS service. These can be used in conjunction with any ERP system or as a standalone solution.

xSuite Capture Helix >>
xSuite Mailroom Helix >>
xSuite Archive Helix >>

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