SAP-integrated and -certified solutions

SAP-integrated and -certified solutions

All solutions designed for SAP environments

Purchasing (SAP MM)

Take the Detours out of PO Approval

Simplify and accelerate your operational processes with xSuite's best-practices for purchasing. Work with increased transparency, flexibility, and easy handling. xSuite Procurement Cube is SAP-certified and fully integrated, making it ideal for an end-to-end P2P solution.

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Order Confirmation (SAP MM)

Automate Your Order Confirmation

Automate an important yet time-consuming step in procurement and delivery: checking incoming PO acknowledgements against the original purchase order. SAP integrated and certified for a smooth, accelerated P2P process.

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Invoice Processing (SAP FI / MM)

Simplify Your Invoice Management in SAP

With digital workflows for all verification, approval and completion steps, xSuite Invoice Cube can reduce your invoice processing time by over 50%. Know what's happening in your workflows, every step of the way. SAP-certified and fully integrated, Invoice will provide you with all you need for an efficient P2P process.

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Incoming Orders (SAP SD)

Smooth the Path to Order Fulfillment

Are your sales through the roof but you can't keep your operations up to speed? Establish the basis for quick fulfillment by automating incoming sales orders with xSuite Orders Cube. All data is available on demand, no matter how or where the order is received. Seamlessly integrated and certified in SAP, xSuite Orders Cube will accelerate your processing and contribute to the improvement of your customer relationships.

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Electronic Purchasing Folder

Find All Your Information Right Where You Need It

This SAP-integrated dashboard has it all: Scanned documents and e-mails, contracts and SAP records – drill down to each and every piece of information relevant to your transaction. Templates expedite document creation, with automatic record assignment feeding them straight into the workflow. SAP transactions are literally accessible in a single click.

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Business Partner Portal

Extend Your Paperless Ecosystem

Operated on the SAP Business Technology Platform (formerly SAP Cloud Platform), the xSuite Business Partner Portal Sphere integrates your suppliers into your digital ecosystem. This streamlined P2P workflow feeds effortlessly to and from your established SAP infrastructure.

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Certified SAP competence

Our software solutions are characterized by the highest quality standards, which we have confirmed through regular certifications. These apply to various SAP solutions and deployment environments. 

„Integration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud”

This certification confirms the ability to run in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition and the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition. The solution is also suitable for RISE with SAP.

„Integration with SAP S/4HANA”

This certification confirms the ability to run in the context of on-premises installed SAP S/4HANA systems.

„Integration with SAP NetWeaver"

This certification confirms seamless interaction with SAP ECC systems.

SAP-certified data and document archiving

In addition to the workflow solutions, xSuite’s archive also has been certified by SAP several times. One of the certifications covers the storage via the SAP ArchiveLink interface, another certification confirms the use for SAP ILM via webDAV.

SAP certifications

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