Invoice Management for All ERP Systems

Invoice Management for All ERP Systems

Can't bridge the gap?

Your ERP is highly configured and entirely serves your purposes. But when invoices come in, accounting flounders and documents get stranded in an early step. Even if you have your systems connected, your vendor and account data can’t be tallied up on demand… and in the end, with unforeseeable extensions of time, you rely on human diligence to sort out the path of complex invoices.

xSuite Invoice Prism is reliable and future-ready – an investment that will take care of your needs now and in the long term.

Fly Through Your Workflow

xSuite Invoice Prism is dynamic and configurable, eliminating downtimes resulting from halts in invoice processing. This is because new rulesets can be formed immediately. Fully automated account assignment uses both purchase order and order confirmation to assign accounts. Instead of dead ends, you will experience streamlined workflows that empower your business activities.

Scale up Your Invoice Processing

Communicate and process your invoices without leaving the system! xSuite Invoice Prism is easy to use across geological locations. And analytics and reporting provide simplicity and clarity. With an overview of your financial obligations, you can optimize and make your process smarter.

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Product information xSuite Invoice Prism
Case study Stricker Dienstleistungs GmbH
White Paper Why automated invoice processing?
Whitepaper Gefälschte Rechnungen. Eine echte Bedrohung! 


Are you looking for an SAP-integrated solution?
Then read all information about "Invoice processing in SAP with xSuite Invoice Cube"

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xSuite Invoice Prism

The invoice workflow for all ERP systems

  • Flexible workflows:
    Approval and release, adapted to your processes
  • Central access:
    Validation, account assignment, checking and release – all in a single client
  • One solution for all kinds of invoices:
    Paper, e-mail, PDF, XML, portal and more – with or without PO reference
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Additional functions
Additional functions
  • Automatic check based on three-way match, background posting option
  • Invoice dashboard — all the information you need in a single overview
  • Work anytime and from anywhere with ergonomic web client
  • Clear display of document image as well as tabular invoice data
  • Multiple levels for checking and release processes, including dual check
  • Duplicate check
  • Role-based release table
  • Release by line item
  • Tolerance customizing
  • Integrated supplier communication tools, including e-mail templates
  • Audit-proof workflow log
  • Dynamic workflow configuration option at runtime in web client
  • Release via mobile app

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