How to Transform AP into an Information Hub (10:00 a.m. SGT / UTC +8)

How to Transform AP into an Information Hub (10:00 a.m. SGT / UTC +8)

Webinar / Accounts Payable Automation

Join our webinar and find out how you can transform your Accounts Payable into an Information Hub

Now more than ever, businesses need real-time visibility into their cash and spend. But in departments that rely on manual and semi-automated invoice processes, key data is not captured, information is not timely, data is poorly organized, and systems are fragmented. The reporting from ERP platforms does not provide a 360-degree view of suppliers or invoices. As a result, decision-makers cannot access all the variables they need to manage cash and spending. During this webinar, attendees will learn how to transform accounts payable into an information hub. Our speakers will also share a case study of a real-world organization that is benefiting from automation.

What you will learn:

  • Why demand for real-time visibility into AP information is rising
  • The information shortfalls of manual and semi-automated approaches to AP
  • How automation provides enhanced visibility into cash and spend


Mark Brousseau, President of Brousseau & Associates

Eddie Lim, Sales Director at xSuite Asia Pacific

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