What's New?

What's New?

February 08, 2021

Version 5.2.5 of xSuite Cube released

In the new release, xSuite Group places greater focus on Fiori interface design, additional features for purchasing departments and improved usability 

xSuite Cube, the product matrix of SAP-integrated business process solutions in on-premises operation of the xSuite Group, features functions for purchasing, accounting and order processing. The new release 5.2.5 of the solution has been available since the beginning of 2021, for both SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. Two new Fiori apps and the expansion of existing ones mark the xSuite Group's strategy: The full functionality of the solutions is also made available to all users via Fiori as a central GUI.

The new release's extended functions for procurement will be of particular interest to purchasing departments. By extending the 4-eye principle to feeders, purchase requisitions and purchase orders, as well as additional combination options, companies can now adapt the procurement solution even more precisely to their own release structures.

More fields have been added to the email notifications to display all relevant information at a glance. New input assistance for creating and editing a feeder prevent accidental selection of an incorrect storage location. The sum total is now also displayed in workflow tasks. In addition, the "Order Confirmation Monitor" has been developed as a new Fiori app for the purchasing department.

A number of small adjustments made directly in response to customer feedback increase the overall usability of the solution. In order confirmation, mass deletion of documents will be possible, and a route preview is available for invoice processing. In addition, xSuite Cube now supports QR IBANs for SAP MM.

A new offering in Version 5.2.5 is a selection list with possible account assignment proposals in the context of invoice verification. The system creates the proposals based on how the vendor's last invoices were assigned for the company code. For the processing department, this means a significant reduction in workload, since it is no longer necessary to know the complete account assignment information by heart or to look it up each time it is needed.

In addition, the first pilot projects dealing with the use of artificial intelligence in the xSuite Cube are starting. The first area of application here is also the account assignment proposals in invoice processing. However, this time they are AI-supported. The system does not base this on the account assignment history, but evaluates all previous invoices and then creates proposals for the account assignment, including an indication of the probability as a percentage. This means that xSuite Cube will enable even greater automation in the invoice environment in the future.

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