Digital Mailroom in the Cloud

Digital Mailroom in the Cloud

Waiting for the Mail?

Extended idle times, incorrect sorting, roundabout delivery? With xSuite Mailroom Helix, that's a thing of the past. This intelligent solution automates mail distribution – and classification, and processing. With versatile input scenarios for digital and physical documents spanning geographic locations, Mailroom's simplicity, transparency and speed add clear value to your processes.

Mail Distribution Made Easy

In today's digital world, delivery is expected to be rapid and on-target. No matter how well-organized an organization might be, it will experience immediate benefit from a multi-channel mailroom system. Mail receipt is easier, sorting and forwarding simpler, and the entire process faster and more transparent. Our Mailroom digitizes your inbox and initiates the automation of subsequent processes.

Fast, Transparent, Multi-Channel

xSuite Mailroom monitors incoming channels, classifies documents, compares them, validates them, and routes them on to their destination. Mail distribution is fully automated, regardless of whether post is physical or digital – and manual handling is possible too. It combines seamlessly with other xSuite modules for a document workflow that is more inclusive and wider ranging than ever.

AI Included

To make mail processing even easier and more efficient, xSuite Mailroom Helix relies on AI technologies. Document classes no longer have to be trained by hand, the system learns them by itself. The same applies to document fields: Manual training for each individual business partner is no longer necessary. This enables automated processing, even if incoming documents differ in structure and appearance.


Further Information for Download:

Product information xSuite Mailroom Helix
White Paper Hybrid Scenarios with the xSuite Cloud
White Paper Harnessing the Potential of Digitalization

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xSuite Mailroom Helix

Your digital mailroom in the cloud

  • Accommodates a wide range of input scenarios:
    Scan client, e-mail, office applications, file system
  • Intelligent classification:
    Automatic sorting with machine-learning algorithms
  • Data extraction:
    Extraction of up to 11 fields
Starting at €286.20/month
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Additional functions
Additional functions
  • Validation of extracted data and classified documents in the web client
  • Export to any end system, archive, or e-mail recipient
  • Individual authorization control
  • Implicit and explicit training of classification models
  • Customizable form views
  • Connection of directory services via OAuth, OpenID Connect, or SAML
  • Determination of recipient through machine-learning algorithms
  • Recognition of business partner through searches of recognized fields in the master data
  • Integrated OCR based on Tesseract

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