PreSales Training (Partner)

Establishing sound presentation abilities in partner, increasing feeling of security in argumentation, gaining ability to perform independent preliminary analysis
of special customer requirements.

Course Number: FGT-08

Course Contents:

  • Product information, presented in greater depth than in the Sales Training
  • xSuite standards for FI and MM documents, presentation and practice
  • Preparation of presentations and “live” scanning and recognition
  • Agent determination and Excel upload —functionality
  • Identifying special requirements in the sales phase — what works, what doesn’t


  • Basic SAP skills, ideally in the basics of SAP Business Workflow
  • Basic knowledge of business operations in the area of invoice approval, order processing and ordering
  • Presentation system for xSuite Cube

Course Outcomes:

  • Solid abilities in holding presentations
  • Increasing feeling of security in argumentation
  • Gaining skill in independent preliminary analysis of special customer requirements


  • On request
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