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What's New?

September 14, 2023

xSuite Benelux to Exhibit at E-Invoicing Conference in Brussels

Maastricht/NL, Brussels/Belgium – 14 September 2023. The topic of e-invoicing is of equal importance to finance and IT. The E-Invoicing Conference held on 24 October, 2023 in Brussels specifically addresses the needs of these departments. The event, which will take place in hybrid format, will provide comprehensive information on the use and legal requirements of e-invoicing and will give an overview of where Belgian B2B businesses stand as regards introducing this technology. As a conference day Bronze Sponsor, xSuite will present its solution for accounts payable invoice automation (on site), which is suitable for any SAP environment.

At the end of 2022, the European Commission published its proposal for a directive to modernize the VAT system in the EU (ViDA). The basic framework for the implementation of an invoice reporting system has thus also been established in Belgium. Visitors to the E-Invoicing Conference will learn what model is viable for exchanging B2B invoice data with tax authorities and how to identify and address technological hurdles when connecting to e-invoice portals. Moreover, visitors will be given ample opportunity to learn how to drive the further digitization of purchasing and procurement processes.

xSuite is an expert on electronic invoice processing in SAP, with a wealth of experience based on more of 800 projects completed to date. “We see ViDA as a strong impetus for further digitization in Belgium as it will give e-invoicing in B2B the decisive push in this country as well,” explains Hans Willems, Managing Director of xSuite Benelux BV. “In projects, e-invoicing proves to be a game changer as it enables organizations to process and approve incoming invoices 100% digitally without any media discontinuities.”

In Brussels, xSuite will explain what companies should pay particular attention to e-invoicing projects and how to connect invoice receipt with upstream processes in purchasing. The aim here is to link digital procurement and invoicing processes in a manner that creates an end-to-end procure-to-pay (P2P) scenario. The E-Invoicing Conference event program gives equal attention to e-procurement and electronic invoicing. Both disciplines aim to further digitize and optimize financial processes and procurement activities. The end result is an end-to-end digital workflow, a holistic approach to financial management and procurement that uses digital tools and processes to drive efficiency, control and cost savings.

Event information:
E-Invoicing Conference
24 October, 2023
Place: Conference Center BluePoint Brussels, A. Reyers Ln 80, 1030 Brussel
Information and registration: https://heliview.com/e-invoicing-belgium/

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