What's New?

What's New?

February 02, 2024

Presenting the Latest Version of SAP-Integrated xSuite Business Solutions

Ahrensburg, Germany, 02. February 2024. Software manufacturer xSuite presents the latest release of its xSuite Business Solutions in January 2024. Version 5.2.11 offers an extended range of functions and even better usability for SAP S/4HANA. The release also features improvements to the reporting API for Microsoft Power BI and AI functions for invoice processing. As the software manufacturer heads into its anniversary year – celebrating 30 years of xSuite in 2024 – the company is continuing its consistent move towards SAP S/4HANA and supporting its new version 2023, which was only released last October.

The SAP-integrated xSuite Business Solutions include workflow solutions for the automation of purchase requisitions the processing of incoming delivery bills, orders, order confirmations and invoices, including those for SAP industry modules PSM and PSCD.

xSuite Business Solutions 5.2.11 now supports MM asset postings and Transportation Management (TM) for the new SAP S/4HANA version 2023. TM documents can be displayed and entered directly in the Invoice Monitor, and the "Attachments" tab for MM documents can be displayed and filled in now. The functions are available for SAP GUI as well as SAP Fiori. Transportation Management is primarily used by companies whose business heavily relies on supply chains (logistics sector, manufacturing industry, trading companies).

Improved usability in SAP Fiori

xSuite launched the first SAP Fiori apps several years ago. In the new version, these tools have now been aligned even better with the daily requirements of users, especially in the areas of purchasing and accounts payable. Specifically, the layout of inboxes, overviews and monitors (e.g. Invoice Monitor) has been optimized. Header and item data is immediately visible at a glance. The new layout and improved clarity spare users the hassle of numerous clicks or protracted scrolling in many situations.

Expanded reporting API, improved AI functions

Following initial customer feedback, xSuite has expanded the reporting API for Microsoft Power BI in the new release, which had been newly published in the previous version of Business Solutions. Users can now filter based on three new parameters: fiscal year, company code and posting date. This brings even more flexibility to creating evaluations.

Based on real-life use cases, xSuite has also improved the prediction quality of its AI component. This has resulted in a more differentiated recommendation function for account assignment. The G/L account and cost center are viewed separately, which increases hit rates and makes processing even more convenient for accounting staff.

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