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xSuite Capture Helix

Error is inherent in manual invoice entry. Also, manual processing is time consuming and potentially frustrating. Why not automate data entry and generate added value for employees and companies? By eliminating mindless routine tasks, you reduce processing time and increase employee satisfaction, clearing out more time for them to complete the tasks that truly add value.
Invoice Processing

Couldn't be more flexible — On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid-Cloud

Capture in the Cloud

Capture, verify, interpret, and validate incoming invoices in the cloud.
xSuite Capture

Automatic, dynamic, intelligent

Invoice capture and validation in the cloud? Yes, and it’s fully automated with xSuite Capture Helix – with input channels such as e-mail, scan client, and many more. The self-learning set of rules captures, interprets, and validates all your documents reliably. The system uses OCR technology to convert information into a full-text PDF if needed. A hybrid scenario is also an option: document capture would generally be performed in the cloud, with the subsequent validation step either in the cloud or in the SAP system. You can also use xSuite Mailroom Helix to feed everything digitalized and presorted into the transformation process.

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