Long-term storage for a vast array of possibilities

xSuite Archive Helix

With increasing digitization, the challenges in modern archiving are more complex than ever: growing data volume, stricter data protection regulations, geographically dispersed locations, and a large number of users who need secure, reliable access to documents from anywhere. xSuite Archive Helix is the solution that boasts a comprehensive range of functions, user-friendly operation, and high performance.

The High-Speed Archive for all ERP Systems

Archiving in the Cloud

xSuite Archive Helix provides reliable long-term storage for all sorts of information: inbound invoices, documents leaving an ERP system, e-mails - the list goes on.

Fast, universal, integrated

xSuite Archive Helix accelerates document storage and archive searches – with detailed user roles and authorization options for full compliance. Your data is fed securely into a centralized pool, protected from alteration and instantly available thanks to the broad range of search functions. The web client displays hits with preview and highlighting. Ready for use anywhere, xSuite Archive Helix can be connected to on-premise systems or combined with xSuite's Capture and Mailroom to create an end-to-end workflow for your company’s documents.

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"The large number of applications and the fact that xSuite has proven to be the right technology partner for us from the outset — these are the reasons why we are far ahead of other large companies in the field of digitization today.“

Dominik Behling
Head of Finance
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