Vendor Information in a Single Overview

xFlow Vendor File for SAP

This electronic vendor file offers you a comprehensive overview of all data and documents for each of your vendors. All your SAP records and mails, scanned documents and closed contracts are clearly arranged by transaction. Templates are available for creating frequently-used documents. They will automatically be assigned to the Vendor File. Thanks to deep integration into SAP, you can click right into the related SAP transaction.
Vendor File
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xFlow Vendor File for SAP

See all your vendor data, documents and transactions at a glance—arranged clearly, cohesively, and comprehensibly.
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Vendor Folder for an Optimal Overview

The electronic xFlow Vendor File assembles all documents and SAP records of a vendor into a single overview. All important information on all transactions relating to a vendor is available at a glance, coherent, transparent and clearly arranged. All electronic and paper-based correspondence with the vendor is stored centrally, based on transaction. Authorization guidelines determine how contracts can be viewed.

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Integration of Related Processes like Procurement and Invoice Approval

The xFlow Vendor File solution can basically be used as a stand-alone vendor file. Customers that have already mapped processes such as invoice approval or procurement with WMD solutions have the option of integrating them directly into the vendor folder. They benefit from the seamless connection of the transaction-based file storage to their integrated workflow-supported processes.  This provides them with a comprehensive overview of interconnected transactions such as purchasing, delivery, and invoice release.

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