Purchase-to-Pay for Integrated Work Processes

xFlow Procurement ECM

An easy-to-use system for submitting material requests can be a boon to many companies. This improvement in the procurement processes of a company can be achieved by integrating an approval and release process prior to purchase order processing. xFlow Procurement, applicable across all ERP systems, is our answer to this challenge. It combines perfectly with xFlow Invoice ECM to form the ideal solution across the entire procure-to-pay process.
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The Ideal Solution — For Any ERP System

xFlow Procurement ECM

Optimize your procurement process with our easy-to-handle solution. It can be used across ERP systems and offers you a fully integrated procurement process.
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The Procurement Process - Introduction

This solution package manages the order-processing procedure and collects all basic information. As such, the purchasing department and anyone who will be involved in later stages of the procurement process will benefit from xFlow Procurement. All users are integrated into the process by way of a Web interface. The Web GUI is used to generate, approve, and release the purchase requests and purchase orders. A broad range of settings, scripts and release tables is available for individualizing the entire workflow. Transparency is assured through a variety of reports and monitoring elements.

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A Perfect Fit for Your Work Process

xFlow Procurement from WMD Group is a high-performance solution for processing all procurement transactions. You can individualize the process to meet the specific requirements of your organization. xFlow Procurement provides functions for processing purchase orders and purchase requests. The purchase request includes the use of a catalog system.

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The Range of Functions

This procurement solution manages the workflow-based process for handling purchasing. A brief rundown of the functions it offers is as followows:

  • Creation of procurement request in the web client of the document management system
  • Any level of approvals (purchase request, purchase order)
  • Any level of releases (purchase request, purchase order)
  • Integration of all involved agents via internet browser
  • Access to catalog systems, both individual and pre-configured
  • Automatic creation of purchase request / purchase order
  • Availability of functions for completing and editing purchase requests and purchase orders
  • Release and dispatch of final purchase order, either manual or automatic

xFlow Procurement covers three kinds of purchase-request scenarios. The complex process of making a purchase request can be broken down as follows:

  • Internal request – creation, approval and release
  • Purchase request – creation, approval and release of a request to the purchasing department
  • Purchase order - capture, approval and release of the actual purchase order to a vendor or service provider

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