Digital Files for the Personnel Department

xSuite Personnel File Cube

Our Personnel File provides HR staff with consistent access to data and documents, even outside of specialized applications. It integrates applications and manages processes. Personnel File is the equivalent of a file folder system, just in electronic form. A folder will contain different types of data and documents, as well as transactions.
Personnel File
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Personnel File

Reap the benefits of our secure, SAP-integrated folder solution for your personnel department. Reduce your costs and accellerate your work processes.
Personnel file in detail

Use of Innovative, User-Friendly Technologies

With our Personnel File, you can access your personnel documents in a web workplace or work in the classical SAP user interface. A dedicated tile can be added to your Fiori launchpad for easy access. Personnel File offers both native integration into the new S/4HANA technology and integration into classical SAP ERP applications.

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Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Transparency and centralization of personnel information; acces across company locations
  • Inclusion of documents with different formats und types
  • Intuitive user navigation
  • Integration of folders into the SAP authorization concept
  • Integration into HCM/HR
  • A variety of views
  • Interface for integrating mass data, e.g., old files
  • Use of any scan scenarios desired

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