xFlow Orders for SAP

Sales Orders in SAP SD

In your order processing, speed of handling and speed of payment are prime measures of value. An optimum can be achieved with xFlow Orders for sales orders in SAP SD, which supports users with workflow-based sales-order processing. For one, fewer of your documents are subject to the negative effects of shipping time and postal delays. And features such as the Sales Document Overview provide for greater transparency and improved overall business planability.
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xFlow Orders for SAP

Add speed to the processing of your incoming sales orders in SAP SD, perform release on your mobile device, and experience optimal planability and accelerated receipt of payment.
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It’s All based on the SAP Module SD

Organizations receive sales orders by way of various channels. To enable processing of all types of sales orders based on the SAP module SD, we offer SAP customers xFlow Orders for SAP. The orders received can always be scanned with xFlow Capture if received in paper form or transfered directly to xFlow Interface if a digital document, fax or Web. Then processing will continue automatically.

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Quick Processes and Mobile Release

Users can always participate in the business process—on the Web, for instance. xFlow Mobile can also be used to approve or release incoming sales orders on any smartphone. xFlow Mobile is a helpful alternative to xFlow Web for business travellers who do not necessarily have hardwired internet access. Its user-friendly GUIs are adapted to mobile devices for approval, acceptance, and forwarding of sales orders.

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Features — An Overview

  • Order workflow for all SD order types
  • Flexible management of different workflow steps
  • All the advantages a best practice can offer
  • Central overview of orders
  • Process overview via xFlow Cockpit
  • Release of selected line items
  • Web and mobile access for approval and release steps
  • Role-based release table
  • Any number of processing levels for all worksteps
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Revision-proof workflow protocol in PDF format
  • Availability of all core xFlow components

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With this sofware, we are able to use the same technology for processing invoices along with documents from other departments such as purchasing or sales orders.

Charlotte Trads Olesen
Senior SAP Consultant
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Sharp Electronics

xFlow Orders is a highly useful software solution that accounts for the business processes used to process orders day in day out. This has also helped to improve our customer rela-tionships as we are now able to provide them with the credit notes much faster than before.

Ernst Schorning.
IT Manager
Sharp Electronics