Automatic Purchase Order and Order Confirmation Checks in SAP

xSuite Order Confirmation Cube

Order Confirmation is an intelligent solution for processing incoming order confirmations for companies generating sales orders in the module MM (Materials Management) in SAP and sending them to vendors.
Order Confirmations in SAP
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Order Confirmations

Automatic purchase order and order confirmation checks. SAP integrated solution. Reduction of manual effort checking the order confirmation against the purchase order.
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Automatic Purchase Order and Order Confirmation Checks

More often than not, it is essential for a company that a vendor delivers as ordered. This applies not only  to manufacturers, but to others as well. If an item in an order will not been delivered in the quantity requested, to the correct location at the required point in time, serious complications such as stoppage of a production line may occur. That is why it is important for companies to know whether a vendor will fulfill an order with precision. As a solution that is both web-enabled and fully integrated in SAP, Order Confirmation supports employees by automatically checking the order confirmation against the SAP purchase order.
xSuite Order Confirmation Cube

Digital Solution for Processing Incoming Order Confirmations

The process begins with the automatic capture of the incoming order confirmations. These confirmations are routed from all available input channels into the OCR and data extraction process. A highly complex ruleset analyzes all contents of the record in freeform format and performs a detailed validity check. This includes details such as the correct calculation of the specifications in the document. The ruleset also checks the OCR results against available SAP data, e.g., a check of the purchase-order number against the SAP purchase orders.
order confirmation in SAP

Your Benefits – An Overview

  • Full SAP integration
  • Automatic extraction of order confirmations
  • Digital checks of order confirmation against purchase order
  • Use of ruleset in freetext format (no form necessary)
  • Intuitive viewer for convenience in validating OCR results
  • Traffic-light function for an immediate overview of any discrepancies
  • Integrated vendor correspondence
  • Reduction of manual effort checking the order confirmation against the purchase order
  • Increased speed in process, consistent transparency

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