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xSuite Mailroom (Cloud)

Today’s customers expect rapid, on-target delivery of information. No matter how well-organized a company might be, it will experience immediate benefit from a multichannel mailroom system. Mail receipt becomes easier, sorting and forwarding simpler, and the entire process faster and more transparent. xSuite Mailroom digitizes your inbox and automates all that follows.
Mailroom with xSuite

Couldn't be more flexible — On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid-Cloud

xSuite Mailroom (Cloud)

xSuite Mailroom is your core solution for incoming mail. It automates classification, processing, and distribution, offers multipurpose, multichannel input scenarios for analog and digital documents, and has the added benefit of simplicity, transparency, and speed.
Intuitive cockpit

Fast, transparent, multichannel

Long idle times, bad sorting, cumbersome delivery? Make that a thing of the past. xSuite Mailroom monitors incoming channels, classifies documents, compares them, validates them, and routes them on to their destination. Mail handling is fully automated, regardless of whether post is paper or digital – and you can jump in to handle exceptions manually too. Using xSuite Mailroom in combination with other xSuite modules, you can add more functionality to your workflow than ever.

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