xFlow Mailroom

A Flexible Solution for Processing your Post

We have developed a mailroom solution that will accelerate your overall processing time enormously: xFlow Mailroom, made to process all inbound mail. Once post has been scanned into the system, it is transferred digitally to the xFlow application, where the process begins. Emails are automatically transferred from dedicated inboxes (e.g., info@companyname.de), and staff can forward emails from their inboxes. xFlow Mailroom boasts a unique classification feature for the first step in the process chain. Incoming letters and emails undergo fulltext indexing and analysis. Our solution uses a special algorithm to determine the type of the information received.
Mailroom with xSuite

Couldn't be more flexible — On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid-Cloud

xFlow Mailroom 365

Use our digital mailroom as the data hub for all your inbound post and enjoy the benefits of top functionality for automated receipt, capture, classification, and forwarding of mail to your IT systems.
Intuitive cockpit

Local Input Made Easy with a Broad Range of Input Scenarios

In our solution for postal receipt, we don’t accept any compromises—simplicity and flexibility come foremost when records are transferred to the data hub. A broad range of input scenarios is supported. Along with the typical mass scan function, the solution offers an intuitive web scan client that enables remote departments to capture documents. The web scan client does not require installation. Whether the software is integrated into an Office environment or connected by a web service, whether a document is unstructured or a self-descriptive PDF, xFlow Mailroom can handle just about anything.



classified items

Search, Find, Store

Business documents generally arise from a specific setting and include information that already exists in one of the various systems at an enterprise, be it an ERP system, CRM, mail, or other context. That’s why our mailroom solution has included a very useful enhancement—the Enterprise Search function. You can search for information directly in the standard GUI; or, if you are working on a business document that has entered the system through Mailroom, you can search on the fly from your current process step. Mailroom’s intelligent indexing handles assignment and discovery of documents, master data, and attachments practically on its own. It connects to a diversity of ECM systems, and the archive provided in the package provides secure storage for documents.



user interface

Includes Documents, Folders, and Processes

Once digitalized documents have been processed, what happens next? By means of a special procedure, they are transferred to target systems such as SAP, or MS SharePoint and many more. xSuite365 provides a diversity of direct interfaces, making it easy to connect to different customer systems via Web service. Very commonly, at this point, when documents need to be directed to specific departments and move on into a new process, there is no application at the target location to accommodate them. xSuite365, with its fully-integrated document management and workflow system, fills this gap with its very own easy-to-manage folder solution for departmental use.

documents automatically classified

Workplace and App Center, More Than Just a Mailroom

The digital Mailroom is an xSuite365 solution. The xSuite365 Workplace, however, is much more than just a solution. It offers a 360° view of all documents and processes. With a single inbox for tasks and documents, you have a comprehensive overview at your fingertips, quick access to everything you need for your daily work, and an interface theat brings you straight to the important applications at your enterprise. Departments and administrators can use the App Center to add more applications to a workplace for quick access, and users can individualize them for maximal workplace ergonomics.

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