The Ideal Accounts Payable Solution for Any ERP System

xSuite Invoice Prism

This product is a unique top-performance solution for automated processing of inbound invoices using any ERP system. Scanning paper invoices, approving and releasing with workflow support, archiving with full audit-security—we offer a solution that covers the entire range. From a single source, you receive transparency, adherence to cash-discount deadlines, and improvement of vendor relationships, to name just a few of the benefits our solution for invoice processing has to offer.

The Ideal Solution — For Any ERP System

Accounts Payable

Handle your automated processing of inbound invoices with our solution for a clear overview, adherence to cash-discount deadlines, quick processes and prompt invoice payment on any ERP system.
invoice overview

Speed up Your Work Processes, Keep Data Top Quality

With our solution you can make changes to your approval procedure quickly and independent of other processes. Not only are invoices in cost accounting supported, but records with a PO reference as well. Each item line in an invoice can be processed separately. xSuite Invoice Prism offers unique transparency for processing and enables full use of cash discounts even for complex approval tasks. With Invoice, you receive all the components you need for effective processing of incoming invoices: xSuite's capture solution scans your invoice record and automatically extracts all information connected to it. The extracted data is synchronized with your master and item data in order to assure you a high level of recognition. xSuite's Interface transfers the invoice images and data to your ERP and accounting system and checks them for completeness as well. Invoice images are stored securely in the archive.

verification of inbound invoices


  • Connection to any ERP or accounting system via standardized transfer database
  • Release table for simple definition of company approval and release logic
  • Intuitive handling of all invoice processing

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Diakonie Himmelsthür
Stricker Gruppe

Service Center for Business Administration at Diakonie Himmelsthür e.V.

The tension between socially-oriented action and available funds demands responsible, sustainable allocation of resources in all business decisions.

Karsten Baufeld
Managing Director
Service Center for Business Administration at Diakonie Himmelsthür e.V.
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Carglass GmbH

It’s because of this new system that we are so much faster in settling invoices. The processing time for invoices has been reduced through scanning and workflow, and our authority regarding commitments and documents that are in circulation has increased significantly.

Ute Wedding
Team Leader of Payables
Carglass GmbH
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Stricker Gruppe

„xSuite Group (formerly WMD) is innovative and is constantly developing new approaches. For instance, we were able to look at topics such as the digital construction folder and archival of delivery notes. Both this and WMD‘s references in the construction sector were decisive factors influencing our decison.“

Tobias Saalmann
Head of IT
Stricker Gruppe
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