xFlow Invoice 365

Invoice Extraction—So Simple

Authorized invoice processing with xSuite365 is a totally new dimension. Use all the advantages of automated digital invoice processing and offer relief to your internal resources. We offer you a solution for workflow-based invoice approval and release across locations and systems, with transfer of the final accounting record to your ERP system.
Invoice Processing

Couldn't be more flexible — On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid-Cloud

xFlow Invoice 365

Simplify, speed up and safeguard your automated invoice processing. Dispense with extraneous administrative effort and on-site IT infrastructure. Run our application as a hosted solution and connect it to your inhouse systems.
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At a Glance

If you want to lower process costs and slim down your IT infrastructure, a hybrid cloud solution could just be the option for you. Standardized solutions generally means easier handling for the user. Cloud solutions for processes such as invoice processing render on-site installation and technical administration unnecessary.

Your Benefits

  • You save time and money with cloud services that are secure and easy to use.
  • You can combine your on-premises solutions with services in the cloud.
  • You do not need to invest in a workflow engine.
  • You do not need to invest in infrastructure or system administration.
  • You can work with any ERP system.
  • Your processes are transparent and move quickly even with a low volume of documents.
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  • Suited for digital invoice approval using any ERP solution.
  • Invoices with and without PO reference will be processed.
  • “Three-way match” available for checking invoice against goods receipt.
  • Release table provided for individual definition and maintenance of workflow rules.
  • Audit-proof email archiving and search function provided for retrieval of any invoice record.

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