The Customer Folder for Clarity and Order

xSuite Customer File Cube

The electronic Customer File forms a single overview consisting of all relevant documents and SAP records — ranging from purchase orders and delivery notes to invoices and credit notes and on to framework contracts and nondisclosure agreements. All important information on all transactions relating to a customer is available at a glance, coherent, transparent and clearly arranged. All electronic and paper-based correspondence with the customer, for instance, is made available in a central location. Authorization guidelines determine how contracts can be viewed.
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Customer File

See all your customers’ business data at a glance—clearly arranged, complete, updated and centralized in a single screen.
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Consistent Use of SAP Standards

The Customer File makes consistent use of SAP standards. The deep integration into SAP enables quick access to data such as the order in the customer folder. The authorizations available in SAP are still applicable, but additional authorizations for viewing folder contents can also be assigned. Therefore, depending on their rights, different users will have different views of screens such as order processing and sales.

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Seamless Integration into Existing Systems and Procedures

We offer three different approaches for integrating Customer File in existing systems and processes:

  1. Setting up the electronic customer file for the archive and scan solution existing at your workplace
  2. We provide you with an end-to-end system that maps the entire process for paper documents, from capture with a modern scan and extraction procedure all the way to storage in an electronic archive.
  3. Everything from a single source: Connecting xSuite Orders Cube for workflow-supported order processing supplements the Customer File with additional information.

Use of Innovative, User-Friendly Technologies

With Customer File, you can access your customer documents in the web workplace or work in the classical SAP UI. A dedicated tile can be added to your Fiori launchpad for easy access. Customer File offers both native integration into the new S/4HANA technology and integration into classical SAP ERP applications.

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