Unsurpassed Speed in Data Access

xSuite Archive Prism

Our archive meets all standards in long-term storage of information. Along with tested audit security, it offers incomparable speed in data access and retrieval. xSuite's archive can archive data from any ERP system or other data source in parallel. The flexibility available in configuration is impressive. Thanks to a range of interfaces, your existing data can be imported or migrated.

The High-Speed Archive for all ERP Systems


Use our archive for all ERP systems and enjoy exceptional high-speed access. xSuite Archive Prism accommodates all formats and mail archiving (Exchange).
xSuite Archive Prism Web Client

A Single Archive, for Any Format You Have

In a typical company archive, records of all file formats are saved. Standard formats would include PDF, TIF, and DOCX. When files from more specialized applications such as OneNote or CAD are archived, however, many companies are posed with a problem: They can’t view the files without the original applications. xSuite Archive Prism provides a high-performance rendering engine that can display a broad range of file formats in realtime in the Archive client, without necessitating the application that created it. Authorized users can view all archived contents regardless of when a file was created or which application was used to create it.

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Always the Right Version

Our archive offers the flexibility, files and fields for archival both in versioned and in unversioned form. Certain documents can be written directly to the archive in secure, revision-proof form. Other documents can undergo versioning until they have been finalized and sealed. This way, different states of a document can be “conserved” and reproduced if necessary. In the standard version, the archive always delivers the most recent version of course—with speed that has yet to be surpassed.

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Archiving is Quick, Searches Even Quicker

In daily work, employees should be able to concentrate fully on their core work. With our archive, we offer a significant reduction in the effort required for archiving. You can either have documents be automatically written from the process to the archive or else archive them selectively by use of practical add-ons. Time-consuming indexing and specification of keywords can be dispensed with. Our archive transfers all information (fields, attachments, fulltext, etc.) to the search database and allows you to search according to any keyword. We provide you with archiving just the way it’s meant to be—quick, simple, and reliable.

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User-Friendliness and Technology in Harmony

The xSuite Archive Prism stands out for its synthesis of speed and user-friendliness. Its speed is enhanced with a fusion of the technologies MongoDB and Elasticsearch. A search in a fulltext context will deliver results practically without delay. And your search will cover not only metadata, but also attachments and fulltext. When archiving, you can forego time-consuming indexing—the archive offers schema-free configuration. As a result, the user will not be required to add indexing information to the archive object—the technology will handle all necessary indexing in the background.

SAP Certified Solution

Document archive for SAP ERP

Thanks to our many years of experience with SAP-integrated solutions, our archive has as well been certified by SAP. This certification ensures all SAP users an archive of maximal flexibility and reliability for security in storage of documents and data. Documents can be sent to the archive by way of the scan client, the our practical WebScan or an action such as transactional uploading. Users can retrieve information via SAP GUI, SAP Web, or Fiori Apps, as desired. They can search based on the full-text index or perform more targeted searches for field values such an invoice number. And they can drill down dynamically for quick, precise identification of documents and information, even in the case of very high data volumes.

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"The large number of applications and the fact that xSuite has proven to be the right technology partner for us from the outset — these are the reasons why we are far ahead of other large companies in the field of digitization today.“

Dominik Behling
Head of Finance
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