Total Contract Lifecycle Management

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Keep tabs on every contract at your company. This digital contract management tool gives you central access to all contracts that have been saved and to all related documents, even in companies that have a decentralized organizational structure. otris contract monitors all deadlines for existing contracts at your company, informing the person responsible when tasks need to be performed. Total lifecycle management supports you from the initiation of a contract, throughout the approval workflow, up to the final step of archiving.
Contract Management
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Contract Management

Administer your contracts throughout their lifecycle—otris contract is centrally organized and clearly arranged, with timely notification of deadlines.
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Management and Mechanisms for Time Periods

In addition to the administration of contracts and points of contact, otris contract monitors all time periods related to the contracts. Missed periods of notice and automatic extensions of contracts are things of the past. Series of payments with receipts and disbursements can be coupled to any contract for a comprehensive overview of profit by applying the net income method to the contract. The contract folder deadline monitor keeps track of multiple deadlines in each contract. based on this monitoring, an escalation mechanism is triggered when any of the deadlines monitored is in danger of being missed. For even more assurance, substitution rules can be defined to cover staff absences.

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Open Platform

otris contracts offers a full range of options for integration, granting the user a comprehensive view of the information objects in the contracts, independent of media. The user can view documents, notes, and emails in all kinds of formats (Microsoft®-Office documents, PDF, JPG, etc.).


  • Transparent management of every type of contract
  • Straightforward authorization concept
  • Deadline management with multi-level reminder method
  • Deadline calendar with escalation mechanismOptional revision-proof archiving

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