P2P Processes on the SAP Cloud Platform

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Our Business Partner Portal simplifies, digitizes, and, most importantly, standardizes communication with suppliers. It serves as a central platform for the exchange of documents and data in the procure-to-pay process. Processes are streamlined across media and channels, saving you time and effort for thoroughgoing transparency. Purchasing and accounting continue to work in the familiar SAP applications, as the data is automatically made available there. For your suppliers, operation is easy and intuitive.
Business Partner Portal

Couldn't be more flexible — On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid-Cloud

Business Partner Portal

From purchase order to order confirmation, from shipping notification to invoice. In the Business Partner Portal, all documents are available at the push of a button, both for you and for your suppliers.
Dashboard for the supplier

Digitally map the entire P2P process

The Business Partner Portal is used as the central platform for handling procure-to-pay processes with suppliers: You create purchase orders as usual in the SAP system. They are automatically made available to the supplier in the Business Partner Portal on the SAP Cloud Platform. In the portal, the supplier can independently create all subsequent documents — order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, credit notes — and transfer them to you. Your SAP system automatically adopts the documents and data. All information and documents are now available to your employees for further processing in the software they use in their department.
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An attractive option for your suppliers, with self-service options

The Business Partner Portal is not only practical for your own employees, but also offers useful functions for your suppliers. When using the self-service option, a new supplier can enter all relevant information — contact data, bank details, etc. — on his own. A workflow is started, and after you give your approval, the master data for this supplier will be generated in your SAP system. Data can be updated by the supplier as well, using the same procedure.
Creation of an invoice

Targeted liquidity management thanks to dynamic discounting

With the Business Partner Portal your suppliers get a completely new tool to strengthen their liquidity in a targeted manner: Dynamic discounting. If a supplier wishes to offer you a discount, this can easily be done on the portal. The discount and the final terms of payment can be chosen as desired. It is also possible to offer different discount scenarios. It is also possible for you to offer to pay an invoice earlier in exchange for an additional discount.

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