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SAPinsider's 2020 Virtual Event

Online Conference / Archiving / Procurement File / Accounts Payable in SAP
sapinsider financials
18. August - 21. August 2020 (4 days)

SAPinsider 2020 Financials


Join us and learn more about our P2P process solutions: Workflows for procurement and AP, a Business Partner Portal, and a vendor file, all of which seamlessly integrate into SAP.

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CONNECT with the world’s most trusted community of SAP thought leaders, product experts, and like-minded peers
LEARN about the latest research, strategies, best practices, product roadmaps, and case studies
GAIN the “how to” knowledge and insights to best optimize SAP and leverage the emergence of intelligent technologies
EXPERIENCE the SAPinsider difference through the power of our 400,000+ network of insiders, users, and experts
LEVERAGE both Live and On-Demand content options to meet your needs and schedule

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