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Background Posting: End-to-End Automation for Invoice Processing

Integrated end-to-end automation is the ideal when it comes to digitalizing operational business…

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Models for Deploying SAP S/4HANA

Many SAP user companies will be making the move to S/4HANA in the next few years. When considering…

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Brownfield or Greenfield? All paths lead to S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA is on everyone's lips. The new technology, which is intended to support the user in all…

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Skills Shortage in the Shared Services Center: Is Automation an Antidote?

I recently heard a presentation held by a key account manager working in a shared services center.…

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GDPR: Paradigm shift moves into archiving

Audit-proof, unchangeable, long-term data retention—until just a few months ago, these were the…

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How a Trainee Program Can Solve the IT Skills Shortage

The skills shortage is a huge concern in the IT sector. Needless to say, for me as a recruiter, it…

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Automatisierung und künstliche Intelligenz als Beschleuniger in der Rechnungserfassung

Durch die fortschreitende Digitalisierung hat sich künstliche Intelligenz in den vergangenen Jahren…

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E-Rechnungspflicht in der EU: Welche Länder sind betroffen?

Die EU-Richtlinie 2014/55/EU verpflichtet öffentliche Auftraggeber dazu, dass sie in der Lage sein…

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World Usability Day 2019

Am 14. November 2019 fand der World Usability Day in Hamburg statt. Veranstaltungsort war die…

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