Sending and Receiving E-Invoices

Be ready for the invoicing processes of the future with xSuite eDNA

Sending and Receiving E-Invoices

Be ready for the invoicing processes of the future with xSuite eDNA

Incoming & outgoing

Receiving and processing of e-invoices as well as creation* and sending - xSuite eDNA offers you both in one solution. You work as usual in your SAP system.

Numerous formats

Already supports numerous international formats including XRechnung, ZUGFeRD, etc. xSuite eDNA processes numerous XML formats and can transform/convert into your desired format.

Always up to date

As a cloud service, xSuite eDNA is always up to date - even with invoice formats that are frequently updated, such as XRechnung. No adjustments need to be made to your ERP system.

Generating electronic invoices in SAP

Conveniently generate outgoing e-invoices directly from your SAP system. The message controller in SAP SD is used to transfer the relevant data records to xSuite eDNA for the creation of an outgoing e-invoice. Both SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP systems are supported.

*The function for creating electronic invoices will be available from mid-2024.

Transmitting electronic invoices via Peppol

xSuite eDNA (electronic Document Network Adapter) is your cloud-based exchange and conversion platform for e-invoices. The solution accepts incoming or outgoing invoice data records and converts them into the desired XML format. EU standards (DIN EN 16931, BIS Billing 3.0, e.g. XRechnung and ZUGFeRD) and numerous international formats are supported. The Peppol network is used as the transmission path.
The cloud solution offers the advantage that formats are always automatically kept up to date and new formats are continuously added. Adaptations in your ERP system are not necessary, as we perform the updates for you on the cloud side. The solution can also be seamlessly integrated into your system via APIs.

Receiving and processing electronic invoices

The data from incoming e-invoices is transferred with xSuite eDNA and automatically imported into the corresponding fields in your ERP system, both at header and line item field level. Additional information is also transferred, such as the receipt date of the electronic invoice. The data is then checked against the master data in your ERP system. This enables automated creditor recognition. The e-invoice can then be conveniently processed with the same xSuite workflow that you use for paper, PDF or other invoice formats.

xSuite eDNA Incoming and Outgoing Invoices processed with xSuite eDNA

Things to know about Peppol and the e-invoice

What is Peppol?

Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is a network and standard for the electronic exchange of business documents, especially in public procurement. The aim is to increase efficiency and transparency. Companies can use Peppol to exchange electronic documents such as invoices in a secure and standardized way. Originally developed for the public sector, Peppol is now used across all industries. The network is based on open standards, promotes interoperability between systems and facilitates cross-border e-commerce by defining uniform formats and protocols for data exchange. Originally developed for Europe, Peppol is now also used in Asia.

What is an XML invoice?

An XML file (Extensible Markup Language) is a text-based file that stores structured data in a hierarchical format. It consists of tags that describe the content and are arranged in a tree diagram. The XML format is often used in data transfer between different systems as it is platform-independent and easy to understand. XML is used in numerous areas such as web development, databases and configuration files - and as a machine-readable e-invoice format.

What is ViDA?

ViDA stands for "VAT in the Digital Age". It is an EU initiative that aims to adapt VAT regulations to the requirements of the digital age. The central components are a mandatory e-invoice in machine-readable format and the introduction of digital real-time tax reporting (CTC, "Continuous Transaction Controls").

What does "eDNA" stand for?

"eDNA" stands for "electronic Document Network Adapter". eDNA effortlessly connects you to various e-invoicing networks worldwide. Our eDNA Cloud ensures compliance in every country and provides a universal connector to send and receive e-invoices from your ERP system. Simplify your e-invoicing processes and optimize your business with our innovative solution!

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