Strategic roadmap

Your journey with xSuite

Strategic roadmap

Your journey with xSuite

On-Premises | SAP only

With the SAP integrated xSuite Cube we consistently follow our S/4HANA strategy. Intelligently supporting processes and integration of the cloud form its basis. The goal is simplifying work steps in hybrid Procure-to-Pay processes.

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Cloud | SAP only

Digital Procure-to-Pay processes on the SAP Business Technology Platform are at the core of xSuite Sphere. We strive to optimally support cloud scenarios with SAP to enable your way into a digital ecosystem.

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On-Premises | any ERP

xSuite Prism stands for cross-system integration. A seamless connection to the cloud is the first step on the way to a wholistic information management in Procure-to-Pay processes.

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Cloud | any ERP

The cloud solutions of the xSuite Helix are easy and intuitive supplements for your business processes. The starting point is the document, the goal are re-imagined Procure-to-Pay processes.

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xSuite Cube

Sprint - 2022

Flexible and future-proof with S/4HANA and Fiori

We aren't letting up in our solid implementation of S/4HANA strategy. S/4HANA is the first place where new technologies and potentials are exploited. We are working with the purpose of filling the final gaps between the SAP GUI and SAP Fiori Apps. Both interfaces are to retain the analog range of functions.​

We bring more intelligence to your processes

The first steps toward automation through artificial intelligence have been taken. We will be using AI to bring out anomalies, in order to take action against cases of fraud or incorrect bookings.​

Simplifying your work processes​

In the future, we will continue to simplify your work processes and increase quality. For our user-centered software, optimized usability is front and center. This, in turn, leads to improved performance and faster lead times.​

Have the goods been delivered yet?​​

To ensure full transparency across the procure-to-pay process, all incoming documents must be monitored. Delivery note processing has not been part of our solution portfolio up to this point. This will be changing in the future, and we wish to collaborate with our customers in developing this automation of delivery-note entry.​​

xSuite Cube Roadmap Sprint 2022
xSuite Cube Roadmap Run

Run - 2023/2024

Predictive analytics for your process​

All process chains can be monitored in the current Process Analyzer. In the future, we plan to expand the availability of existing process evaluations. In addition, we wish to provide our customers with forward-looking metrics through predictive analytics.​

Tax jurisdiction in the U.S.​

Tax calculation in the USA is complex and depends on many different parameters, two such parameters being location and tax key. The tax amount must be paid to different tax authorities. In the future, we wish to support our customers in determining the correct tax jurisdiction codes.​

Marathon - starting 2025

Into the future with hybrid procure-to-pay processes​

In the future, we will continue to expand the procure-to-pay processes and develop more solutions to further optimize your processes. This will be oriented around the use of other hybrid scenarios. We are working towards dissolving data silos and creating intelligent information networks instead, with the aim of simplifying all types of document-based collaboration.

xSuite Sphere

xSuite Business Partner Portal

Sprint - 2022

Welcome to our portal​

The Business Partner Portal is designed to facilitate on-boarding of new and existing business partners. In the future, suppliers will be able to maintain their master data themselves. An approval workflow makes it easy to add or change master data for business partners.​

Invoice approval in the SAP Cloud​

In the future, the invoice verification process will also be automated on the SAP Business Technology Platform through xSuite Invoice Sphere. This enables the same automation for our customers in the S/4HANA Cloud. At the same time, this solution will be an alternative for on-premises customers who want to keep their S/4HANA Core free of additional changes.​

Run - 2023/2024

Extending SAP Cloud scenarios​

We will offer our own workflows on the SAP Business Technology Platform to extend the functional scope of different S/4HANA operating models.​

Marathon - starting 2025

Always on the pulse of development: Cloud for ERP and the digital core​

SAP's strategic focus is on solutions in the cloud. New, innovative technologies are rapidly evolving, and intelligent solutions are transforming everyday work life. As part of SAP's digital ecosystem, we provide you with targeted support in all aspects of ERP and the digital core, now and in the long term. It is out intent to continually simplify your daily tasks and business processes.​

xSuite Sphere Roadmap Run

xSuite Prism

Sprint - 2022

Integration and connectivity​

All our solutions – Helix, Cube, Sphere, and Prism – use the versatile product xSuite Interface as a connector. After 10 years of development, the next major release, Version 5.0, is soon to come out. The new version enables dynamic connections to third-party systems.​

As it is, the xSuite Archive Prism in combination with the xSuite Interface 5.0 and SAP ArchiveLink offers good connectivity. ​ Through the extensions of SAP ILM, CMIS, Microsoft Business Central, a defined REST API, as well as standardized functions for mass data imports, we are continuing to increase the connectivity and integrability of our archive.​

Your data is your greatest asset. In line with the direction staked out for xSuite product development, we will be enhancing the functionality of xSuite Capture document extraction in order to meet upcoming requirements.​

Cloud-ready: Our comprehensive and highly dynamic solution xSuite Invoice Prism is expected to make its way into the cloud. This requires us to give our full attention to taking some fundamental steps.​

xSuite Prism Roadmap Run

Run - 2023/2024

Cross-system information​

Even in a fully digitalized world, not all information important for your business processes is really usable. We will be offering you tools for analyzing and classifying your unstructured data, and categorizing it for intelligent use.​

In the P2P area, you profit from our many years of know-how. When data is structured, we can create intelligent linkages and provide you with information derived across systems.​

Marathon - starting 2025

Handling information: smart, precise, on-target​

Information determines our daily actions and influences all business decisions. In order to support you in this respect, we will be focussing on all-round information management.​

Good decisions require comprehensive information. The data collected in your business processes is evaluated by means of intelligent algorithms across data sets. The resulting information is derived on a cross-system basis and thus forms an ideal basis for good decision-making.​

xSuite Helix

xSuite Helix Roadmap Sprint 2022

Sprint - 2022

Process automation​

We are focussing on the centralized automation of incoming documents to provide you with the transparency you need in your processes and your information. Functionalities of our tried-and-true product xSuite Interface are now being offered as Helix services.

  • Paper documents can be digitized directly from the Helix interface at the workplace or remote location and fed into business processes (e.g., WebScan).​
  • Documents that converge centrally within a company are transferred directly to Helix and routed to the relevant business processes.​​​

Digitizing and extracting documents of all kinds​

Processing of incoming order confirmations is often an important basis for the planning and control of production processes. For this purpose, Helix document extraction will bee extended to include recognition of order confirmations, with results made available to connected SAP systems.​

A central part of business life is the delivery of goods and materials. This process is documented with delivery notes. In a new Helix Capture module, delivery notes can be extracted and provided as structured information. ​The transactional movement of goods becomes trasparent and processing gains efficiency in connected SAP systems via the Cube or Sphere product lines.​

Adding value to your work with Helix​

We are incorporating insight gained from feedback received from direct users of Helix. First-time user experience is flowing into redesign of the user interface, in particular that of the well-established Archive component. ​We highly anticipate the release of this new face of Helix, and look forward to your response.​

As part of its transition to the public cloud, SAP is moving from the technical interface SAP ArchiveLink to an interface based on the industry standard CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services).​ Archive Helix will support our SAP customers in the transition to this interface specification. In parallel to developing this, Archive Helix continues to support SAP ArchiveLink, which remains a reliable interface.​


Run - 2023/2024

Mailroom digitalization​

We are in the midst of setting up a digital Helix mailroom. Documents will be automatically classified upon receipt. Contents will be read out, sorted and forwarded to company processes.​​

Adding value to your data by merging information

Data and documents are often distributed across disparate systems and locations. In Helix, we will be merging this information. High-level role-based views will bring new clarity to corporate documents.​ Digital process steps based on this kind of document management create transparency and improve workflows.​ To this aim, we are creating a line of ready-to-run solutions:​

  • Supplier File
  • Procurement File​
  • Invoice File​​​

Marathon - starting 2025

P2P processes in a new format​

Our long-term commitment is to processes, information and documents from purchase to pay. We will be standardizing and simplifying the administrative activities around these processes.​

When it comes to information and documents in business life, it's all about cooperation between different people and employees with different backgrounds, from different places and cultures. Our long-term goals are oriented around simplifying the challenges that this cooperation involves and adding value to day-to-day work.​

xSuite Helix Roadmap Run


The nature of this document is purely informative and contains future-oriented statements that may deviate from the actual implementation or personal expectation. We reserve the right to change or update certain contents of the roadmap at any time without prior notice. This also relates to strategic planning, future development, and/or platforms and functions. The contents of this document do not constitute a legally binding commitment as to the provision of program code or functions.

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