Purchasing in SAP

Purchasing in SAP

Have Forms and Footwork Taken the Upper Hand?

Even with recurring orders for C-parts and indirect requirements, the effort for processing in SAP is often high. xSuite Procurement Cube is the solution: Purchase requisitions, approval and release are carried out digitally and with automated workflow support, removing a significant amount of manual work from repetitive tasks.

Flexible, Comfortable User Experience

With Procurement, everything is fully digital, right from the beginning. You can use shop systems just like you use your own catalogs, and submit needs in free text. A range of options in access and function is provided – you can work in xSuite Procurement Cube in the SAP GUI, in SAP Fiori Apps, or in xSuite's own web client. As a purchasing employee, you might prefer to work in the SAP GUI, while a cost center manager, to approve POs on the road, may use the app on his or her smartphone or tablet.

SAP Standard – But Adapted to Your Processes

xSuite Cube solutions are SAP-integrated and -certified. They extend functionality beyond the conventional range associated with the SAP standard. xSuite provides flexibility in the design of the workflow steps for precision in mapping processes in your organization.

Transparency in End-to-End P2P Processes

The integrated Procurement Overview displays all processes at the push of a button. View the current status of requests and purchase orders, their work steps, and which agents are handling them. Check your top vendors. And track the history of it all via the audit-proof workflow log.

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xSuite Procurement Cube

Digital capture and release for procurement in SAP

  • Flexible workflows:
    Approval and release, adapted to your processes
  • Ideal for SAP:
    Current certification, deep integration
  • User-friendly, with catalog connection:
    Use of company catalogs or web shops via OCI connection
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Additional functions
Additional functions
  • Procurement Overview for comprehensive overview and tools for analysis
  • Access from SAP GUI, SAP Fiori or xSuite web client
  • Multiple levels for checking and release processes, including dual check
  • For processing requests, requisitions and purchase orders
  • Direct access to transactional item in SAP
  • Features for posting goods receipt
  • Integrated supplier communication tools, including e-mail templates
  • Audit-proof workflow log

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