Order Confirmation

Never-Ending Data Entry?

It is your responsibility to check all purchase order acknowledgements that come in – a meticulous procedure comparing quantities, dates, prices, and locations, in which nine out of ten of the documents are correct. It is because of the one that isn't that you spend hours checking order confirmations – because when that one discrepancy shows up, you will need to take immediate action. xSuite Order Confirmation Cube takes care of the nine documents that are correct by largely automating many aspects of order confirmation. And for the tenth, you'll be notified with a red light.

Automatic Extraction and Clear Display

After receipt, order confirmations go through an automatic extraction process. The data and an image preview can be viewed directly in the SAP system. Manually entering the data, a typical source of error, is no longer necessary. The entire entry process is dramatically accelerated. Deviations are highlighted in color and stand out clearly.

Accelerated Decision-Making with Workflows

If discrepancies come to light, you need to react quickly. Is the discrepancy acceptable? Should the order be changed or cancelled? These processes of inquiry, change and release can be effectively implemented with the help of workflows, and logging keeps transparency in the process.


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Product information xSuite Order Confirmation Cube
Product information xSuite Basic Module Cube


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