Electronic Purchasing Folder

Electronic Purchasing Folder

Navigating Too Many Systems?

For an critical meeting with a vendor, you need to pull together important pieces of information: e-mails from Outlook, invoices from the SAP system, the contract from the file cabinet at headquarters... and then there's the protocol from the last meeting... You know the scenario. In a situation where your negotiation competence is required, instead of having clarity, you're in a scramble to find documentation and details.

The Power of Simplicity

The electronic Procurement File is an overview of documents across systems for a simplified user experience. In a dashboard that is coherent, transparent and clearly arranged, you can drill down to SAP records and all other important information on all transactions relating to a vendor or a given procurement transaction, including electronic and paper-based correspondence. Contracts can be viewed in line with authorization guidelines.

Integration into Your Procurement and Invoice Processes

xSuite Procurement File Cube can basically be used as a stand-alone vendor file. If xSuite already covers processes such as invoice approval or procurement, you can integrate Procurement File to seamlessly connect the transaction-based file storage with integrated workflow-supported processes. When systems and data containers are interconnected, the overview includes transactions from the workflows – purchase orders, goods receipts, and inbound invoices.

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