Business Partner Portal on the SAP Business Technology Platform

Business Partner Portal on the SAP Business Technology Platform

Is a Paperless Ecosystem Still a Dream?

Has your company achieved a high level of digital transformation, but you still have to print everything out for your suppliers? Now you can check this off your list too. This is how it works: You create a purchase order as usual in your SAP system. You don't need to send it out – it just appears in your supplier's Business Partner Portal account. The supplier can create all subsequent documents in the portal as needed, and transfer them to you from there: Order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, credit notes. The documents and data that your supplier has made available in the Business Partner Portal are also automatically fed into your SAP system, providing you with intrinsic automation of what was once general discontinuity. Now, when your employees enter the SAP system to perform their regular tasks, the updated information and documents from the supplier are ready and waiting.

Standardized Communication Simplifies Supplier Transactions

Improve supplier relationships with intelligently connected business processes and digitalized communication. You can publish announcements to all suppliers in the Business Partner Portal and streamline individual communication. With information and documents automatically taking their place in the location where they are meant to reside, the process is fully integrated and provides a new level of transparency.

Dynamic Discounting for Targeted Use of Liquidity

In the Business Partner Portal, you can offer your suppliers early payment in exchange for a discount. A supplier can also take the initiative and offer a discount via the portal. The portal offers options in defining the payment terms and the actual discount and assigning deadlines to a scaled range of rates.

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xSuite Business Partner Portal Sphere

End-to-end digital communication with suppliers

  • Efficient and transparent:
    Serves as the central communication interface in the P2P process
  • Exchange of all relevant documents:
    Purchase order, order confirmation, shipping notification, invoice
  • Perfectly integrated:
    Connection to your SAP system via SAP Business Technology Platform
Starting at €170/month
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Additional functions
Additional functions
  • Self-service onboarding, updating of supplier master data
  • Individual discount offers (dynamic discounting)
  • Conversion of an order into subsequent documents (PO flip)
  • Public and private messages
  • Suppliers can access current status of transactions at any time (graphical representation)
  • Upload of documents and attachments
  • Intuitive operation via web client
  • Suitable for SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC systems

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