Incoming Orders in SAP SD

Incoming Orders in SAP SD

Smooth the Path to Order Fulfillment

Are your sales through the roof but you can't keep your operations up to speed? Establish the basis for quick fulfillment by automating incoming sales orders with xSuite Orders Cube. All data is available on demand, no matter how or where the order is received. Seamlessly integrated and certified in SAP, xSuite Orders Cube will accelerate your processing and contribute to the improvement of your customer relationships.

Faster Order Processing for More Satisfied Customers

When customers have signed, timely processing of orders and debit notes in SAP SD makes for satisfaction. With digital processing through xSuite Orders Cube, you can execute these tasks quickly and efficiently.

Automatic Extraction Covering All Input Channels

Customers might send you orders by post or fax, or by e-mail in a variety of electronic formats. Whichever path they take, transfer of data into your SAP system is fully automated with xSuite Orders Cube. You can skip the task of manual data entry and launch straight into processing the sales orders.

Respond with Workflows, Anywhere and Everywhere

xSuite Orders Cube processes not only orders but also debit notes. Our workflows map each and every step of your established internal release structures and processes. xSuite user interfaces have been optimized for ease of use. Sales back-office workers can use the familiar SAP GUI, while head of sales might click into the SAP Fiori app to approve the data on a smartphone or tablet.

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