Document Extraction in the Cloud

Can't Scale Your Operations?

Are you still switching between paper and digital processing – and finding information mangled, idle times stretching out, and vendors getting frustrated? Are you finding that when surges come you're not scaling as needed? An increase in transparency, accountability and ease of handling is a key motivation for employees – and can be provided by reliable, state-of-the-art software.

Automatic, Dynamic, Intelligent

xSuite Capture Helix kicks off your process by transforming documents received via e-mail, scan client and numerous other input channels. The self-learning set of rules captures, interprets and validates all your documents with high reliability, and OCR technology converts them into a full-text PDF if needed. Your documents are set to go.

Hybrid Scenarios for a Seamless User Experience

Automated document extraction is just one part of the story – the other is how it connects to your ERP system. Our capture solution from the cloud integrates seamlessly into your existing ecosystem and enables an unbroken chain of process steps. Tasks are set up to suit your needs: You can validate the document in your web browser or directly in your SAP system. Either way, you have full flexibility and can empower your users with options that free them up for core tasks, up morale, and contribute to positive business outcomes.


Download more information:

Product information xSuite Capture Helix
White Paper Hybrid Scenarios with the xSuite Cloud
White Paper OCR – 5 Tips for Increasing Recognition Rates



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