Accounts Payable

Invoice Processing

Document Extraction in the Cloud

Automatic Data Extraction

xSuite Capture Helix extracts, interprets and validates inbound invoices in the cloud, reducing monotony and error. Start your workflow with document capture to accelerate extraction and all other steps up to validation. Capture is an ideal foundation for a digital P2P workflow.

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Invoice Processing in SAP

Invoice Processing in SAP

With digital workflows for all verification, approval and completion steps, xSuite Invoice Cube can reduce your invoice processing time by over 50%. Know what's happening in your workflows, every step of the way. SAP-certified and fully integrated, Invoice will provide you with all you need for an efficient P2P process.

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Invoice Management for All ERP Systems

Efficiency in Invoice Processing

xSuite Invoice Prism fits to all kinds of ERP systems. Automate your invoice processing and enjoy a clear overview, adherence to cash-discount deadlines, quick processes and prompt invoice payment. You can click into your Prism solution from any browser and configure workflows in real time.

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