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The cloud is the next step in the consistent digitalization of business processes. At xSuite, we follow the motto "Cloud first, but not Cloud only". With our solutions, we enable you to expand your existing on-premises system landscape with flexible services from the cloud. These hybrid scenarios combine the best of both worlds.

Cloud Solutions

Digital Mailroom in the Cloud

Digitize Your Processes from the Start

xSuite Mailroom Helix is the central solution for your incoming mail. With automated classification, processing and distribution. Versatile and decentralized input scenarios for both digital and analog documents. And a significant plus in simplicity, speed and transparency.

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Document Extraction in the Cloud

Automate Your Data Extraction

xSuite Capture Helix extracts, interprets and validates inbound invoices in the cloud, reducing monotony and error. Start your workflow with document capture to accelerate extraction and all other steps up to validation. Capture is an ideal foundation for a digital P2P workflow.

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Archiving in the Cloud

Make Your Archiving Future-Proof

xSuite Archive Helix provides reliable long-term storage for all sorts of information in the cloud: Inbound invoices, documents from an ERP system, e-mails – the list goes on. Perform full-text indexing for broad-range searches, drill-down to that one document you need – it's are all there, and all at top speed.

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Business Partner Portal

Extend Your Digital Ecosystem

Operated on the SAP Business Technology Platform (formerly SAP Cloud Platform), the xSuite Business Partner Portal Sphere integrates your suppliers into your digital ecosystem. This streamlined P2P workflow feeds effortlessly to and from your established SAP infrastructure.

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