Three Benefits of Retiring Your Legacy AP Solution

Three Benefits of Retiring Your Legacy AP Solution

Do you currently have a solution for AP automation in place but are still experiencing pain in your finance department? Are your workflows inefficient, your processes require manual input and technology is not up to date? Then it might be high time you replace your legacy AP solution.

When you do, these are the top three advantages to which you can look forward:

  • Reduced complexity: Legacy systems have often grown over time and consist of multiple different solutions. To achieve maximum flexibility and process reliability, a digital end-to-end solution that is integrated directly into your SAP system is your best bet. It eliminates problems of cross-system communication and increases transparency in your finance department.
  • Improved user-friendliness: Integrating your AP solution into SAP leads to easier handling and improved user-friendliness – both for your finance team that works with the solution every day as well as for your IT team that gets involved in problem-solving tasks.
  • Guaranteed future readiness: An AP solution built on the latest technologies (including modern AI capabilities) can keep pace with new developments and enables you to evolve in parallel. Topics such as the migration to S/4HANA, the cloud, or international e-invoicing are easy to handle and drive your organization forward.
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