#NoMoreOCR – End-to-end digital P2P processes

#NoMoreOCR – End-to-end digital P2P processes


Optimizing document capture is one way to improve AP and P2P processes. But not the only one – and not even the most efficient. 

In this webinar, we shed light on a paradigm shift that has to take place: end-to-end digital processes – rather than digitization – are the way for simplifying, accelerating and automating your daily work. We will discuss strategies for P2P with you: e-invoicing, e-mail, or a vendor portal, which ways and formats for document exchange are suitable for your suppliers? Which prerequisites need to be met? How do you get your suppliers on board? How can you use a vendor portal to reduce the share of unstructured invoices that still require OCR – and thus maximize your touchless posting rate.

Attendance is free of charge!

Speaker: Jan Schulze, Head of Product Management, xSuite Group, Dina Haack, Head of Marketing, xSuite Group

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