Make Your Archiving Future-Proof with xSuite Archive Helix

Make Your Archiving Future-Proof with xSuite Archive Helix

To many people, archiving does not sound like the most exciting topic in business. But what if we were to show you how you can spice up your archiving practices with our intelligent solution from the cloud—completely reshaping the way you store documents and manage information? Sounds interesting?

Then you should register for our upcoming webinar on Thursday, November 3, at 2:00 PM EST where we will demonstrate the most important features of our xSuite Archive Helix, including:

  • Smart input and storage scenarios, e.g., via SAP ArchiveLink
  • Rapid Google-like search capabilities
  • Intelligent linking between document types (easily find related invoices, POs, etc.)
  • Our ergonomic and easy-to-use web client
  • And so much more

xSuite Archive Helix provides reliable long-term storage for all sorts of information. As a service from the cloud, it can be used from any end device and from anywhere. And thanks to APIs, it can be connected to any on-premises system for hybrid scenarios.

Find out more about xSuite Archive Helix during our webinar on November 3. Register now!

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