Automating AP processes in SAP: When is it worth it?

Automating AP processes in SAP: When is it worth it?

SAP projects are always related to a certain effort and cost. “When is it really worth it to invest in AP automation?” is therefore the question that arises.

Webinar / Capture in the Cloud / Accounts Payable in SAP

In this webinar we will share with you some KPIs and insights:

  • What improvements and savings can be achieved with automation?
  • What steps can be automated, and what do they look like in detail?

We will also shed light on the recent nationwide e-invoicing initiative implemented by IMDA Singapore.

  • How can e-invoicing help you reduce cost and improve efficiency?
  • How can AP automation and e-invoicing be aligned in one project?

Participation is free of charge. Register now and get a free $10 Grab Voucher.

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