AP Automation for the Logistics Industry: Why AI is a Gamechanger (2:00 p.m. EDT / UTC -4)

AP Automation for the Logistics Industry: Why AI is a Gamechanger (2:00 p.m. EDT / UTC -4)

Webinar / Accounts Payable Automation in Logistics

In the simplest terms, AP processes in the logistics industry involve shipping something from Point A to Point B, and sometimes via Point C. Typically, one company picks up the goods via truck, another company transports the goods over a long distance by ship or plane, and finally, a third company ensures the goods are safely delivered to their final destination. 

To ensure the more complicated stages of the process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, many organizations choose to hire a logistics company to manage the process. 

While it may seem relatively simple, if your logistics company deals with complexities such as managing the delivery of goods from multiple customers in the same freight shipment, the paper trail associated with this can quickly turn into a tsunami, making AP departments feel like they’re drowning in documents.

So how can these processes be optimized? Through AI-powered AP Automation, of course! 

Join our upcoming webinar and find out how an AP automation solution using AI technology allows logistics companies to:

•    Find and process invoices using industry-specific references such as the shipping number (previously a deal-breaker when logistics companies have wanted to 
        use automation)
•    Ensure all documents related to a particular order (purchase orders, goods receipts, and invoices) are linked together in your SAP system
•    Provide integrated archiving of data and documents, so all information can be found quickly and easily.
•    Increase your number of annually processes invoices without needing additional department resources
•    And much more

If a shipping number tells you more than a purchase order number, you must be in logistics. And, you must be eager to simplify your AP processes as much as possible, especially if you’re still following manual processes. If so, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.

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